How to send the baggage train ?

How to send the baggage train ?
You will need:
  • statement to the chief of station name
  • Train ticket
# 1

during the journey, there are occasions when you have to travel in the train along with the luggage, which is clearlydoes not correspond to their characteristics, carry-on baggage.You can try to deal with the problem by ordering a container freight transportation to carry the property or using conventional road transport.But all of these options will require large cash expenditures, so you should think about a more viable option.Railways offers its customers a more convenient way to travel around the country by volume of things that occupy a large space.To answer the question, how to send the baggage train, you need to read the rules of use of the luggage wagon.

# 2

Railway allows to transport goods across the country with an acceptable billing of their services.Baggage cars can be both a part of convoys carrying passengers and make a post and luggage "express."All the necessary things the client should be placed

on its "board" in accordance with a ticket or a document confirming the right to travel.There is one caveat - things can be carried in the baggage car only to the point where the discharge is carried out, and receive cargo shipments.But this place should not be farther than the station to which the passenger should be.To send a baggage train, remember a few rules.

# 3

at major train stations there are offices where they take the luggage and mail.Free smuggle with them can only be 200 kg of cargo.It is made on the basis of the ticket, there is a mark of the end station to which a person should be.This right is each passenger, it is guaranteed by the carrier and its capabilities, you need to know.To put luggage in the baggage car, you must pass it in a special section.It employs commodity receiving.They issue a receipt, which states that an act of acceptance of things done in the form.To forward for Railways baggage, it is necessary to make all the actions prescribed by the carrier.

# 4

you can take things into the luggage compartment in advance, if necessary, but for the service will have to pay at the rates applicable for the whole of Russian Railways.In addition, we must remember that the passenger can not agree on the opening of the container while baggage acceptance process.If luggage is of great value, it is possible to specify and pay the fee.Only then you can get a refund in case of loss of property through the fault of Railways (the insurance company).To send baggage train is faster baggage you need to prepare for the procedure in a special way.

# 5

The luggage accepted only those things that have the following characteristics - size and packaging, which will not prevent them from loading and unloading the car.They also should not harm other luggage.For baggage on arrival at the station, you need to show luggage travel document, baggage receipt and yarlykGruzovoy can go unaccompanied.It is only necessary to write the statement, which contains a request the head of the station.Items delivered to a station where there is a discharge, and receive mail.It must be remembered that immerse luggage in the train can be when it is stationary.All these procedures will help to send the luggage with the help of Russian Railways.