How to find housing office address of your site ?

How to find housing office address of your site ?
You will need:
  • Phone
  • Internet
  • Patience
# 1

As a rule, a resident of the apartment, especially for a long time in there lives, knows where is serving his home company,as well as its address and telephone number.If all of a sudden he does not remember this information, you can find the address of the housing office, simply by looking at the back of the receipt on payment of municipal services.In the upper part, where the payee is specified, as a rule, printed information about the company providing the services.This is usually the name, address and telephone number.If the receipt is not at hand, usually information about the organization of post near the entrance to the bulletin board.

# 2

happens that this information is also not there, then you can go to the official website of the Housing Department, where a search for information about the services of housing and communal services, or call listed on the phone link and tell us about your issue.After that, probably, it will get sa

tisfactory answers with the necessary data, or specify where you want to apply for the required information.And taking advantage of this information, and making a few phone calls, you can find the coordinates of its housing department.

# 3

also find the address of the housing and communal services by typing in a search engine phrase - "the housing office of the Central District", of course, substitute for the necessary Central area.From the list of addresses separated choose the closest to the place of residence housing office.Most likely it will be desired address, however, is not superfluous to clarify this information by calling the above number.Where information to either confirm or prompt the desired phone number directly owned ZhEKu desired.There is a simpler version of the phone to find housing department - it is simply to ask the long-living neighbors.

# 4

Few people wondered, and how to find housing office at the address until everything goes relatively well.However, this is the variant, when the lack of information could end very badly.For example, the breakout of the pipe, the extra minutes spent on the phone, or search the address housing department can make a huge difference.Therefore, address and phone number of the housing department, mobile phones electrical and plumbing should be recorded along with the phones of the family doctor, and information about emergency services on the sheet, which should be accessible to all members of a family place.