How to learn to pronounce the letter r adult ?

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You will need:
  • Patience
  • exercise instruction
  • good therapist
  • Time
# 1

It so happens that a grown man, and talks like a small child.Lisping, swallows words.With such a companion difficult to communicate, to have to strain to listen, to ask again.Fix it adult, as well as to teach him to pronounce all the letters, including a difficult letter r is possible if such it is not due to physiology.Before you start the course, teaching how to pronounce the letter r, adult "patient" should seek medical advice.Sometimes speak properly prevent a defect in the structure of the jaw or too short frenulum of the tongue.In adulthood to overcome such disadvantages can be only by surgery.Decide on incising bridle pretty easy, but it is hardly for the sake of a single letter to reshape the face by correcting the bite.

# 2

If anatomical reasons to do with it, and the inability to correctly pronounce the letter r left with childhood - the problem is solved.Understand how to learn to pronounce the letter r adult is not easy to relearn much harder than starting from scratch speak.The most common cause burr - the so-called guttural pronunciation.When the air is swallowed, without passing through the lips.There is a technique that teaches you to pronounce the words with the letter p, smiling, with free air out of the airways.If you follow it, then change the pronunciation just will not work, but the other person will be less tense - nice to talk with a friendly partner.Of course, to quickly learn correct pronunciation, a better deal with a speech therapist.But it is possible to perform exercises that develop speech apparatus.

# 3

first stage of training - to determine the movements to be performed by the vocal apparatus in the pronunciation of the sound p.There are exercises to help master these movements.It is necessary to press stronger tip of the tongue to the palate and try them vibrate rapidly releasing the air through the mouth.It is advisable to carry out this exercise in front of the mirror, to monitor the process.If you practice regularly, every day for 15 minutes for poltora- two months can learn to publish something like a growl.If you are having difficulties in the classroom, learning how to learn to pronounce the letter r adult adding auxiliary exercise.Also in front of the mirror, pressing the tongue against the palate, sharply pronounce the sound r, and quickly carried out under the tongue back end of a teaspoon.This creates a vibration and sound gradually p will be obtained.

# 4

At first, the sound will be heard p gently, but should not get upset.After exercise using a teaspoon is utilized, it will be possible to pass to the next.Speak the word, in the first syllable of which will be present solid p.For example, a transistor, a tram, and the like.After pronounce the letter r will need to do in order to reprimand became stable.This is called "staging of sound."A sign that there was a sound statement correctly, is a separate pronunciation of the sound without much effort.At this stage you start to pronounce the right words, and even sentences.It is true that past mistakes can occur in the pronunciation of long sentences.Before learning how to pronounce p adults have a lot of work on themselves.

# 5

To learn how to consistently pronounce the r, it is necessary to carry out independent study consisting of the repetition of exercises - vibration tongue with clamping the it to the palate, and the pronunciation of phrases, in which the sound is repeated, and the soft and hard - growl.By the way for the production of stable pronunciation sound p can read poetry of Mayakovsky.They are distinguished by the most frequent use of the words with a hard sound p.For example: gnawing bureaucracy.To understand how to correctly pronounce the letter r, is to record the speech on tape and listen, noting at the hearing errors, to correct them afterwards.This helps to evaluate your own accent from.If someone would say that for a long time to the problem was resolved, and most should not be taken at the sessions with a speech therapist - and believe it is not necessary to be upset.

# 6

Even an experienced speech therapist to explain how to learn to pronounce the letter r adult, need more than three months, and for self-study, this process may take more than six months.Very good will, if their own to expand a set of exercises, looking on the Internet techniques, which are used to teach children.Try to approach the "mirror - Trainers" in a good mood, with relaxed muscles of the neck, arms and back.But even if something does not work, interfere with anatomical structures of the face and jaw, do not worry.So many years have lived without that letter can not dwell on this issue?In the end - all, light burr, if pronounces words clearly and easily understand the interlocutor, communication does not interfere at all.