How do I know the RPF organization?

How do I know the RPF organization?
You will need:
  • notification of the FIU
  • statement to the tax office
  • Internet
  • phone
# 1

To know the registration number of the RPF organization, you can see it in the notification ofregistration in the Pension fund, which is sent by registered mail to the address of the policyholder.A letter is sent immediately upon the registration.It happens that the notice is not received or is not reached the addressee, in this case to contact the territorial body of the RPF at his residence with a request for a duplicate.Also, before you learn the RPF organization, you can see it in payment for the transfer of insurance contributions or returns on insurance premiums to the Pension Fund.Still, as an option, can be found in the tax FIU phone number and try to find out everything on the phone.It is still possible to find out the number through the Internet in online mode.

# 2

Naturally, at first puzzled the question is how to find out the phone number for an organization.It is possible to try to

make a free and independently, for example, looked through the phone book, going to the correct page on the Internet by using a search engine.Surely you will find contact information.But you can make it through a telephone operator, paying for the call.They inform all the coordinates of which are contained in the reference database.If the question is, how do you know the address of the organization, it can be done in analogy with what had to be done above or calculate the organization through the Federal Tax Service, requesting they extract from the register of legal entities.The truth is a bit more complicated than finding yourself, but still quite real.It will cost about 500 rubles and take several business days.

# 3

To know how to find an organization on the phone, you need to have more information about it.Name, approximate address, or even a city location.Next, using the internet, you can find an electronic city guide, especially since they are now in every city, or to search through a computer browser.To do this, you need to enter all known data on the required organization.But the settlement account of the organization is very difficult to learn.Especially if she was in arrears.But difficult does not mean impossible.So how do you know the settlement account of the organization?

# 4

You must first apply to the tax office, they have in the database stores all data on opening and closing of current accounts.It is necessary to prepare for her documents confirming the debt.This can be a writ of execution issued by the court, the outstanding payment claims or court order.Then you need to write an application to the Federal Tax Service and attach supporting documents.This can be done either in person or in writing.Tax Inspectorate, in turn, should provide the information within a week.