How to win in a dispute : pitfalls

How to win in a dispute : pitfalls
You will need:
  • confidence in himself and his point of view
  • ability to handle information
  • Initial manipulate people skills (not necessary, but desirable)
# 1

Nobody likesto be a loser.This applies not only to the war or competition, it also applies to disputes.There are several ways on how to win the argument.

# 2

We need to understand how a person is being spores.If this person is not a close friend, not a relative and does not depend on a career of it, it will be possible to apply the higher tones, and other not so pleasant methods of discussion.But if this man - a close friend, relative, colleague or boss, you need to understand how to resolve the dispute and to reach a compromise.To reach a compromise, will have to give way to something, perhaps even bargain;but the result is worth the effort - a joint decision and saved the relationship.

# 3

happens that a dispute - is not a consequence of the need for, and entertainment.Then you need to know how to play in the dispute.Pl

aying in dispute does not require the formality and any rules, just do not need to insult another "debater".You can never become personal to the dispute.It shows personal inadequacy and incompetence, not wit, as erroneously thought by many fans of this method.

# 4

How to resolve a dispute between two people, if it is clear that the conflict is about to erupt into a brawl?The easiest way - just to distract them both outsiders neutral conversation.Do not try to "reconcile" them - they may perceive it as an attempt to humiliate and laugh at them.However, in most situations, it is better not to get involved in other people's disputes, there is a risk that the angry "Debaters" will switch to the one who decided to separate them.

# 5

How to win an argument?One of the "pitfalls" in the debate - the possible use of the opponent psychological pressure.Application of pressure - low, so you can specify an opponent that he uses these techniques.It is necessary to explain to him that these methods characterize him as cowardly or nearby.This will help win the argument and put in place a treacherous opponent.

# 6

ability to properly conduct the dispute is priceless, few have them.Without this skill it is very difficult to live because contradictions arise quite often.But that's OK - in a dispute born truth.