How to sleep for 15 minutes of REM sleep machinery

How to sleep for 15 minutes of REM sleep machinery
You will need:
  • Desire
  • Alarm
# 1

A lot of people every day are introduced into a search engine the phrase "how to sleep for 15 minutes," and many of them do not find an answer.In fact, even a 15-minute sleep, if you follow some rules that will help to relax in between "before" and "after."But it is clear also that completely in such a short time do not sleep enough, but gain strength in the next five o'clock precisely as possible!The main thing - do not forget that even with these techniques to sleep 8 hours a day at least three days is necessary, since the energy of a person is taken from a dream, and without it he is like work without batteries.So way "how to sleep for a short time" can be used only when you really need something urgent and immediate.In other cases, we must be sure to sleep.

# 2

And yet, as the sleep for a short time, when, for example, the time is running out, and it is impossible to work in the afternoon?To do this, there is some basic system, only recommendation

s which must be followed.15 minutes - it is not enough, but a bit of energy to recharge the battery pack does not hurt.So, to sleep for a short time, it is necessary to be in the dark and lie on your back.The fact is that when a person lies on his side, he is comfortable there, and he is unlikely to respond to the alarm: just do not wake up at the right moment.Therefore, you must lie on your back, start the pre-alarm and lie down with your eyes open.Then close them and sleep until the alarm clock.Due to the fact that a person was lying a few minutes with your eyes open, it would seem that he slept the whole night!

# 3

Yet what concerns the alarm.It is advisable to download on your phone and surf to put this tune on the alarm clock: it is quite soothing and help a man who slept only half an hour, get up without any problems.Of course, some drowsiness will be present, but the alarm will help to calm down a bit, as the noise of the sea - this is a very beautiful music, just the same suitable for a morning alarm.Sleep 15 minutes on the first day, of course, will not work.Therefore, if possible, before a sleepless night a few times better trained to fall asleep and wake up at the back exactly on an alarm clock.That is to say, develop the habit of some, which will come in handy later in life.But if you could not prepare in advance, the alarm should be done loudly.

# 4

happens that stood out the free 15 minutes of sleep, but sleep does not work.In this case will help classical music.Moreover, that person will have virtually no sleep, but because of the music it will feel fresh and light as if asleep all day!This is a deception, but some energy to work is still attached.Therefore, it is worth trying a reception with classical music: it will help within 15 minutes of sleep and gain strength.But music is necessary to look for a calm, low voice that she helped to sleep, and not forced to get out of bed, and with drooping eyelids to go to work.Also, if the music does not interfere with the work, even when it is also possible to listen to classical music because it adds energy and helps to accelerate due to its rhythm.All the hard worker is worth a try.

# 5

Apart from all these techniques with music, there really is a kind of technique that helps you to quickly fall asleep and sleep for a very short time, and even sleep.The exact author of this method is not, but he - not the main thing, the main thing - the right thing to do for a quick sleep.So, lie down on your back, as was said earlier, and look into the distance.The room should be dark.With eyes open lie about 10 minutes, without paying attention to what you want to blink or something to scratch.Soon, people will go into a trance, and to fall asleep quickly, he would need only to close his eyes.Waking up on an alarm clock, it will feel sleep.Not all of this technique may be appropriate, but "an attempt - not torture," and try for yourself, you can all ways.

# 6

's all ways of how you can gain energy for 15 minutes of sleep.Not all of them are effective, but it depends on the body: if you really want, then sleep for 15 minutes, if the pessimistic look at it all, and then the result will not be any.But it is better not to interrupt those dreams in such a short time, and sleep in the normal mode: at night, in bed, at least - 8 hours.Then one day, you can have time to do all that is planned, and will not have to look for ways to quickly recharge the body.Although the methods are very effective, and they try not to hurt anybody!

# 7

And, perhaps, the last tip: do not get involved much sleep for 15 minutes, since it can severely harm the body!Especially if this body - even a child or a person suffering from a serious illness!