How to determine the mass of air in the room ?

How to determine the mass of air in the room ?
You will need:
  • handle
  • sheet of paper
  • Calculator
  • density substances Table
# 1

man rarely pays attention to what surrounds us every day.For example, it is difficult to imagine the effect of atmospheric pressure, although in fact it is very large.It is also impossible to imagine that the air has a kind of density and weight.Since something is, why not determine exactly how much?It will be interesting to solve the problem of how to determine the mass of air in a simple apartment room.

# 2

As is known, the mass is determined by multiplying the two scalar values ​​- the volume and capacity can be calculated by measuring the three parameters that determine its size, i.e. length, width and height.Generally speaking, the mass of a physical quantity can depend on external factors.It plays a role and the air temperature and humidity, and pressure.

# 3

Therefore it is necessary to resort to common standards and take the value of the air density under normal conditions.Thes

e conditions represent a 20 degrees Celsius, 760 millimeters of mercury (1 atm) and 50 percent humidity.Then you should take the help of the matter density of the table, which can be taken in the library or on the many pages of the internet.Also, the density of the table will help to solve the question of how to find the mass of the atomic nucleus.

# 4

So, the average air density is 1.2 kg per cubic meter.Now, as an example should take room 4 meters wide and 5 meters in height and 2.5.To calculate the volume of this space, you need to multiply all 3 parameters: 4 * 5 * 2.5 = 50 cubic meters.It is important to take into account the fact that the calculations are carried out in a windless room, because the task of knowing how to find a lot of speed is slightly different nature of the solution.

# 5

Multiplying the density in the volume, turns 50 * 1.2 = 60 kgs.That's how it was.It seems that in the room absolutely nothing, but in fact it matter as much as in the adult body.And if you imagine how much air is in the whole apartment?Or in a large hangar?Or across the Earth's atmosphere?But for all the atmosphere you need more to solve the problem how to calculate the weight of extraneous matter, because in the open air is full of dirt and heavy impurities.

# 6

Any person may ask why we do not feel all the air of gravity?The answer is very simple: a person has its own internal pressure which balances with the pressure of the atmosphere.That is why people need a special space suit, because without it they can simply break on their own strength.