How to behave in the army , to show the good side ?

How to behave in the army , to show the good side ?
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# 1

Many men, before going to the military enlistment office, asked themselves the question: "how to behave in the army?".After all, there are no friends, no relatives;do anyone any - strangers, and to somehow join the crowd, you need to engage with someone friendly relations.But not all it is simple.For example, boys, weak character, can not anyone start chatting, and eventually become a laughing stock in front of the so-called "hazing".To avoid this, they should definitely know how to show itself in the army, not to clean toilets and wash socks more resolute fellow company.To this end, future recruits should know some rules that, on occasion, help to gain prestige among his fellow soldiers, and make even the most respect the vulnerable young person.

# 2

So, the first rule - determination.A man must be brave to other soldiers saw him as a courageous man who never allow themselves to give offense.To show his determination, recruits sometimes have to go

to the most horrible things.For example, a snap with the head of a company.This method is very effective: it is checking a dozen generations, but still, if possible, it is better not to use it as disrespect for elders - this is one of the worst human qualities.It is better to show determination in the first exercise in the landfill when you need to hit the target three times or the fastest to pass the obstacle.If the rookie does, then his fellow soldiers will be respected as a strong and courageous soldier.

# 3

Another rule of conduct in the first days of the army - sociability and talkativeness.To carry out its worth before the departure, on the train or on the bus.You must talk to everyone, offering all sorts of activities such as military songs, play chess, cards and so on. D. Soldiers need to feel a man, as the initiator, and then, subsequently, to a trust to make important decisions and will always ask for advice ona particular case.It is important never to separate from the crowd, saying, "where they are, and there I am."If it is possible to calculate the company of a certain authority, which, of course, has already appeared a band, then it is better to make friends, since then until the end of life no one would want to hurt a guy who is protected by a formidable man.

# 4

joker and narrator - these titles are always welcome in the barracks, as a man who knows a lot of interesting stories and funny anecdotes, will very quickly be respected.But if you own stock in these are not available, they can be pre-subtracted from the Internet, while yet at home.In the army, they are very fond of the narrators, so if such a gift after all fall to some guy, then tell their stories and make people laugh have not only his company but also in the neighboring.This plus - new friends, new authority, new clout among relatives regarding the mandatory derogatory things.By the way, this method is most effective and the most correct, because it no humiliation or abuse, and in general anything that would counteract the human moral principles.

# 5

Do not also forget about respect commanders.Of course, if you suck up to him, the popularity among the other soldiers did not find, but respect their elders - easily!You just need to talk to them frequently on topics of interest to the man, the right to carry out tasks, not to be rude and do small things, which will ask the sergeant.And, it would seem, from the slightest "Bring a cigarette," you can go to a dining table with many commanders in chief, who, despite the rookie title, willing to talk to him about life and provide a comfortable environment for the continued existence of the army.But with so familiar it is better not to quarrel, because then their revenge will be very fierce, because the higher the rank, too, can play the trick of the rebellious soldier.

# 6

What else can you add to the above written rules?Protecting more timid recruits.Even despite the fact that the man himself may be humble, be sure there will be people, programmers and insurers on education, which does not know how to fight, and, accordingly, can not stand up to more daring companions.In this case, as far as possible, it is necessary to protect the newcomers, rebuffing formidable guys, at least verbal.Practice shows that 90% of such clashes end with words, and only 10% of the fight or commit other active operations against the enemy.But to secure recruits in this way, you can assign yourself some credibility (even before the offenders!).But the move faces and the first to enter the fray is still better not.

# 7

's all written rules that it is worth considering for a stay in the army first.They will help to recruit to meet and resolve all differences with his teammates on the company, which will undoubtedly arise, and fully engage in the passage of the term of military service.But even with the observance of simple rules on top it will be very difficult, because their contribution will make a daily routine, unmanaged soldiers, commanders and the terrible homesickness.Over time, everything will be much easier, and the new recruit and he will settle into his new surroundings.Although the most useful advice about relationships in the army - not bothering anyone, and then no one will touch you.