How to find ordinate midpoint : to help student

How to find ordinate midpoint : to help student
You will need:
  • handle
  • Paper
  • ability to carry out elementary arithmetic
# 1

rectangular Cartesian coordinate system (PDSK) consists of two perpendicular axes X and Y.The X-axis is called the x-axis, and is responsible for the domain of the function, Y axis is called the axis of ordinates, its task - to display the range of the function.Cut in PDSK can display the dependence of one quantity by another, contain important data.It is important to know how to find the ordinate of the midpoint.

# 2

After ordinate the middle segment - is the average value of the function between its value at the initial time and the value at the end of the process.Knowing how to find it, you can schedule the process to determine the average temperature, average speed, average speed rate, the average population growth rate and much more.Also, this skill will help cut in half how to divide and build symmetrical segments of it.

# 3

The process of finding the ordinates of the midpoint is extremely simple

.The ordinate of the midpoint is equal to the arithmetic mean of the ordinates of the beginning and end of the ordinate.It is important to remember that the rule is valid only for linear functions.If the curve is given, then it will be evaluated mid-ordinate a very different way.Ordinate midpoint will find a point of symmetry graphics straight features that will allow such tasks as build a segment equal to this.

# 4

Consider a simple example.The air temperature in a room with a 10: 00 to 11: 00 is uniformly increased from 0 to 20 degrees.Find air temperature at 10: 30. The eleventh floor - it is the middle of time between 10 and 11, and then the temperature was an average between initial and final.Hence a 10: 30 was (0 + 20) / 2 = 10 degrees.Consider the problem of finding the roots belonging to the segment, using the method of finding the ordinates of the midpoint.

# 5

root of the equation xy + 3x / 2-y * y = 0 belongs to the middle of the segment AB: A (x1; 2) B (x2; 4)?to find the root.The value of the x is unknown, but given the ordinate.But this would be enough to solve the problem.Find the ordinate of the midpoint (2 + 4) / 2 = 6/2 = 3. Substituting the value found in the equation instead of y: 3x + 3x / 2-9 = 0.The following are terms like: 9x / 2 = 9,9x = 18, x = 2.Thus, the answer - the point (2, 3), which is the midpoint.

# 6

How to prove that the segments are parallel, using mid-ordinate?Having found the ordinate means, can be found and the midpoint - both the first and second.Then you need to hold a cross-section through the middle of these segments.Next, use the features of parallel lines.You can use a protractor to compare and measure the internal cross-degree lie angle, or check whether the same angles of the respective pairs.