How to make a sandbox with their hands : tips

How to make a sandbox with their hands : tips
You will need:
  • boards
  • Bars
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Sand
  • Painting
# 1

The sandbox size of two by two meters can play a few kids.Playing with sand, they develop their creativity and learn to "oven cakes," they come up with their own games - toy cars carry about sand at an imaginary site.The sandbox children learn to communicate, defend their "place in the sun", learn to tolerate and friends.If there is a need in the sandbox, and there was a question how to make the sandbox with his own hands, it is quite simple.We need a minimum set of tools, building materials, with such a task can handle each.Please select the sandbox location.

# 2

necessary to be able to continuously monitor the kids, sand pit should be located away from the places where the child can get hurt - open reservoirs, wells.Before you make a children's sandbox to do preliminary calculations.Sandbox is made of boards and bars.The height of the beads is sandbox 20 -30 cm, so the number of boards required is acquired width of

10-15 cm and a thickness of 2 cm. If sandbox will have a size of 2 x 2 m, the board is cut into pieces of 2 meters.Also harvest bars - 4 pcs., About two feet in length, a section of about 35 x 35 mm, can be slightly larger, can be slightly smaller.

# 3

So there are boards, the bars are.Now they need to be carefully sanded with sandpaper, so that children did not have splinters.Use the sandpaper to chamfer edges of boards, dulled them.This procedure is time-consuming, but the progress is not no place, and help to find the answer to the question of how to build a sandbox with their hands.Here we help the faithful elektropomoschniki.Sanded, you can use a drill, "Bulgarian" or grinder.To drill sold rubber wheels, to which is attached a circle of sandpaper.The circle with the help of an adapter clamped in the drill chuck and can be sanded."The Bulgarian" and sander specially adapted for grinding surfaces, grinders also established a circle of sandpaper and sander - ring or rectangular piece of sandpaper.

# 4

The size of future sandbox dug a small hole on the bottom of which is placed after the installation of the sandbox polyethylene film.Now, how to make a sandbox at the cottage.Similar.For bars nails or screws are screwed boards, as a result of forming a box.Legs digged in the ground to a depth of 20-30 cm, the board sandbox stained with paint or leave the case.For the sandbox is useful to make the cover or covering it with an awning or a cover, this will prevent the sand from the home visits and not pets.

# 5

sandbox 2x2 meter boards with a height of about 20 cm is enough of 1 ton of sand.In the country sandbox may eventually turn into a summerhouse.To do this, attach to the sides of the sandbox board - seat, in the middle digged fungus-shed, and a place for a family holiday ready.Link to the sand many passes even with age.From multi-colored sand are crafts - paintings in bottles.For these paintings using colored sand.But how to make colored sand.Common sand is sieved, dried and stained with acrylic or food dyes.