How to wash out the old grease ?

How to wash out the old grease ?
You will need:
  • Table salt
  • Gasoline and kerosene
  • Potato flour
  • Glycerin
  • Magnesia and ether
# 1

Today in the shops are a wide number of household chemicals,which will solve the problem of how to wash out the old grease.But in order to save, you can also use the popular recipes.That at least will be removed efficiently and quickly spots dirt and grease with absolutely any material.For example, an excellent method how to wash the old greasy marks from clothing, is the use of salt.It wanted to take a bucket or bowl, pour hot water into it and add the item 0.5.salt, soak in this solution things with grease spots.

# 2

This salt quickly absorb fat.Then, to get things out of the salt solution and wash as usual with the powder.There is a similar option with salt, but without soaking: process the fatty portions with salt and gently rub a piece of bread and absorbent paper.During the cleaning process must be changed to the salt until the bold portion does not disappear.To remove stains fro

m the fat or vegetable oil sprat, kerosene is very good: clean the grease spot cotton swab and rinse well.

# 3

potato flour in the form of a slurry, is also a good method of how to remove ingrained grease stains.This mixture must be pre-dried on the gas, let cool and add fuel (chut quite a bit).Requires cleaning cloth to place on the board and put on her porridge.If the stain is very velos, you can sprinkle with potato flour board, which will absorb the excess combustible material.

# 4

Fatty and old stains can be wiped with a solution of ammonia alcohol and turpentine (50/50 mix).This mixture is applied to the stain, rub it and leave it for a while, then the product, rinse in warm water with soap.This alcohol is a very effective method to deal with grease spots.With its help clean oily stains not only things, but also with other items, such as furniture, carpets or rugs.Moreover, such a method to get rid of the old grease stains, absolutely harmless.

# 5

fat stains from oil machine, easy to clean with a solution of ether and magnesium.Apply this slurry on a fat land, to give the ether to evaporate and remove the chalk brush or cloth.An excellent means of how to remove the old grease is gasoline.It is necessary to dip into the substance a cotton swab and rub the oil slick around (in order to avoid divorce), previously placed under the paper product or tissue moisture absorbency.Wipe clean with a cloth swab from outside to inside.

# 6

After the procedure, the thing to wash in warm water, as usual.No less effectively fight fatty areas on Glycerin tissue.It wanted to put it on the contaminated site and leave for 30 minutes.And then delete the fat conventional gauze.If fatty traces left on the carpet or carpet can be used for their elimination gasoline mixed with wood chips.This slurry should be placed on the area with a carpet.Once the grease stain will come, just clear coating of a mixture of residues.