How to connect an induction hob ?

How to connect an induction hob ?
You will need:
  • Induction hob
  • terminal boxes
  • Toolbox
# 1

Built induction hob - one of the most essential attributes of a modern kitchen.The process of connecting such equipment requires certain skills and experience.If there is any doubt in their abilities, it is better to entrust this work to professionals.However, if the electrical installation experience is available, then this article will help you understand how to connect an induction hob.

# 2

Before starting the installation, ensure the reliability of the wiring that allows the equipment to be connected.Cross section of the supply of copper cable should be not less than 4mm2 and the denomination of the protective circuit breaker at least 32 A. The connection is usually carried out on a single-phase circuit, without the use of sockets.Instead, it is usually used with the terminal block terminal boxes.

# 3

If you face the question of how to choose an embedded hob should give preference to well-known brands as their produc

tion equipment more securely and are often easier to install.Note that when you connect any of the hob, follow the instructions of the manufacturer, and the connection lead for the schemes specified in the passport.In fact, how to choose the hob, induction, gas or any other type of advice can help friends who already have such equipment.Before buying should be carefully considered specifications panel that you liked.

# 4

Unlike how to install a gas hob, an induction plate can be mounted independently, which can save a lot of money.During installation, be aware of the safety precautions.All work must be carried out with disconnected power supply.After the cooktop is installed, there should be testing it.Including burners in turn, should make sure that they are correct, the panel works steadily at maximum capacity and there is no disconnect circuit breaker and wiring overheating.In the event of a fault must be removed the equipment and find out the reasons.I explain how to remove the hob, it makes no sense.This process should not cause difficulties.