As used Baikal man?

As used Baikal man?
You will need:
  • Lake Baikal
  • people
# 1

Speaking of the lake, you must first be noted that it is the purest drinking water reservoirs in the world.It is known that flow into the lake three hundred thirty-six rivers and streams!But the most surprising - in this case from ozera can flow only one river - Angara?Few people know, but the Baikal water is really unique.Oxygenated, crystal clear and totally transparent, it has long been considered the magic.With its help treat many diseases.Until now, the fresh water of the lake is the source for various industries and agriculture.And this is probably one of the main answers to the question: "how to use the lake Baikal man."

# 2

Everyone knows that Pribaikalskiy region is rich in ore, gold and coal.It also developed production of mica.Far beyond the famous Russian Pribaikalskiy timber.An integral part of the production is the harvesting of pine nuts, which are then produce valuable oil.Residents of the region are actively engaged in hunting.E

specially valuable is the sable fur.The lake is home to about 50 species of fish: sturgeon, salmon, carp and many others.The annual catch is estimated to number almost 100 thousand tons of fish, of which more than half - omul.This makes the lake a World values.That is why the urgent issue of how Lake Baikal protected person.

# 3

Along with fishing actively developing shipping.The ships carry passengers, building materials, fish and forest.Even in the most severe frosts lake covered with ice, it remains the only transport route messages.On the frozen surface of the lake from time to time move carts teams and cars.And recently Baikal has become a very attractive place for tourists.Beautiful nature, rich flora and fauna, mystical legends do not leave indifferent even the foreigners.It's no secret that the lake is connected a lot of secrets.One of them is hidden in the title, which gave the lake aboriginals.

# 4

So how do the people called Baikal?"Holy Sea", "water", "rich lake", "natural sea", "big water" - this is not the entire list of names, which was fixed for the lake "Bai-Kul", "Beihai" or "Baygaal".About Mongolian, Buryat, Chinese scientists cporyat origin of the word today.Another mystery - the origin ozera.It has long been shown to have appeared as a result of the tectonic processes 25 Mill. Years ago.But despite this, to say exactly how the lake was formed Baikal nobody can.Eta neivestnost and the desire to guess all the secrets of the lake and attracts the travelers from all over the world.Located in the region, numerous monuments of nature and culture many years ago turned into a famous historical and archaeological sites to visit that everyone dreams.