How to look at the Earth from the satellite in real time?

How to look at the Earth from the satellite in real time?
You will need:
  • Computer
  • Internet access.
  • Free space on hard disk (to store the pictures at home)
# 1

Despite the fact that the dream to see pictures from the satellite in real time visits of people for a long time, such a possibility has appeared relatively recently.Today we can see the Earth from orbit, not only because mankind has learned to overcome the force of gravity due to the spacecraft, but also thanks to computer technology and the Internet.Especially not "straining", any person, even without flight experience on an ordinary airplane, just go to the site, can be seen in this statement.And even to feel an astronaut.And here there is nothing difficult - you only need to have a computer and internet access.

# 2

course, is not a novelty that mankind is able to study the earth's surface, using images from satellites in real time online.But the fact is that until recently, it was the prerogative of only a narrow circle of specialists.As a rule, it is the militar

y, meteorological services and others.Today the situation has changed dramatically.Every inhabitant of the planet, in whose presence there is access to the Internet network and the gadget that allows to surf the global network, can do it.Yes, and particularly expensive equipment have no need - the pictures of the planet Earth are represented on the site APT or HRPT format.They are distinguished by a frequency range and resolution of images.So that anyone can print the area of ​​the world that are interested in it.And to show everyone.

# 3

easiest way to independently check how the the construction of Olympic facilities, missiles or even start to look at the ground in real time - come to the global Internet for the corresponding website and see the broadcast in real time.There are lots of different applications that make it easier to view and reduce the burden on the "hardware" and software PC.This allows you to simplify and reduce the cost of access to technology that will significantly increase the number of people who are interested in "earthly" problems.But also want to look at the earth from orbit.

# 4

relatively recently - some seventy years ago - everybody knew that our planet is round, but few people could see pictures of the Earth from space.Today, there is little that you can see pictures of the Earth from outer space in the press, but there is an opportunity to see these pictures online to a global network the Internet.Currently, pictures of the planet and the many different ways - launch special probes that, climbing into the stratosphere making pictures in automatic mode.But the most interesting pictures - made satellites.Artificial earth satellites transmit images to the global Internet.Once logged in, you can see not only pictures, but also to download their favorite.For example, photos of the night side of the planet, or even their own region.It all depends on the height of the picture (the satellite's orbit), picture quality (quality of satellite equipment) and atmospheric conditions.

# 5

Earth images from the satellite can be a great decoration of your own desktop (computer and real).However, even the wallpaper or picture on the wall, be sure to attract attention and decorate any, including residential, room.The main thing - to approach this creatively.A photo downloaded from the Internet, be sure to delight not only for their quality, but also unique.Of course, today you can buy all the pictures - not only the earth, but also almost any other planet or even the galaxy, but it is not so interesting.Better yet, when you can decorate your own photo and additions, using editing software (eg Photoshop).Unless, of course, this is not a documentary content or official document.

# 6

As you can see, to see another city, it makes no sense to go far.And even more so to buy their own spaceship.Just go to the network and find everything you need.Including images from Earth orbit.