What is the aspen in the spring : the outward signs

What is the aspen in the spring : the outward signs
You will need:
  • Botanical reference
  • sharp knife
  • rubber hoes
  • boiling
  • patience
# 1

aspen bark - the perfect remedy.Has hemostatic, astringent, antipyretic and diuretic properties, reduces blood sugar levels.The main medicinal value in this tree has bark of aspen.It is collected in the spring.To collect the bark, we must firmly know what it looks like an aspen in the spring, so as not to make mistakes when collecting bark.Aspen - usually a small tree.Maximum - up to 30 meters.Cora sets it apart from all other trees - it is a silvery-green.The branches, located high on the trunk, forming a compact spherical crown.

# 2

If it is good to know aspen early spring - at the stage of collecting the bark or kidney - can significantly improve their health.Alcohol tincture, ointment (aspen bark, finely milled and mixed with butter or a suspension), fresh juice is used topically to treat burns, skin diseases.Alcohol tincture of the kidneys has strong antimicrobial properties and is used as a d

iaphoretic for colds and flu (raspberry equivalent).The bark of aspen in the domestic environment is usually brewed to reduce blood sugar levels.If you know how to brew the bark of aspen in the home and why it helps the broth, the interest in what looks like an aspen in the spring, increased triple.

# 3

Walking through the woods in spring, be sure to pay attention to how flowering aspen.It blooms in early spring and earrings.It seemed that even the empty timber at us, and then soft silvery shimmering aspen bloom.Aspen - the plant is dioecious.Flowers in small aspen, they gathered in hanging catkins, female - greenish, male - reddish.Flowers aspen in pharmacology are not used.

# 4

bark of aspen, as already mentioned gray-green, slightly shiny and very thin, it is necessary to consider studying the issue, how to collect the bark of aspen.Tree after collecting the bark can be lost, so it is better still to buy a crust at the pharmacy, and admire the aspen.And do not be afraid that the tree of Judah.This superstition.In Crimea, for example, Marian growing tree, it is also called the tree of Judah.And aspen deserves admiration, not offensive nicknames.

# 5

is also desirable to know what it looks like an aspen leaf.aspen leaves contain a number of medicinal ingredients.It can be assembled on the stage of kidney and also brew.Aspen Leaves almost rounded, margin toothed, dark green on top, below grayish-green with long, flexible stalks.The tips of the pointed leaves.Leaves begin to tremble at any air movement, so the people and say - "trembling like a leaf."Listen to the rustle of very nice - these sounds well relax.In general, aspen - one of the most beautiful and useful trees of our forests.