How to make a fire with the help of a cell phone ?

How to make a fire with the help of a cell phone ?
You will need:
  • tinder
  • dry material
  • spindle
# 1

Even if we do not take into account the extreme, spontaneously emerging situations, be close to nature without the means for breedingfire - big trouble.But it happens quite often, due to sloppiness, forgetfulness, distraction, etc. It may be banal -.. I broke down favorite, reliable Lighter ... So, how to start a fire if there is a situation.First - you need to evaluate the situation around and the presence of auxiliary items.If the day is sunny, the person is in the open sun areas - it is likely it will be possible to use the energy of sunlight.To do this, you must get them to focus on one point bystrovosplamenyayuschemsya material - tinder.As can be used tinder dry moss, bird or plant fuzz, dry wood dust, tinder fungus, burning the cotton or linen cloth, and so on. N.

# 2

should immediately attend to the preparation of future fire.It is necessary to prepare the kindling of dry grass and small branches.It must be procured necessary

supply of firewood.Then, solving the problem of how to make fire, the lens is made.You can use the existing glasses, binoculars, a telescope.If there are none - for this purpose may be suitable glass watches, bottles and bottles of water.On the Internet, described the successful cases of bottoms of aluminum cans of beer, although a large portion of doubt is present here.Anyway, it is worth experimenting, and with a sufficient degree of probability, on a clear sunny day, you can achieve the desired effect.How to get the fire on a cloudy day or in the deep woods, where direct sunlight is not available?What tells the experience of mankind?

# 3

Millennium, until the invention of matches in the beginning of the XIX century, the main tool was flint.From the sparks caused by the impact of a piece of flint flints (gray pyrite, quartz) was caused by smoldering tinder, then fan the fire.In theory - simple, but in practice, when sober reasoning found in the field or in the woods necessary elements untrained person - is unlikely.Another ancient way - the friction between a piece of wood.Here are possible options, among which the most effective - way to bow-shaped spindle.In fact, it is a boring wooden planks wood as a drill.If you have the right materials, a large supply of patience and physical endurance, it is possible to achieve a result.

# 4

According to a worldwide network of walks video how to light a fire with the help of a cell phone.More precisely, using its battery, containing a significant energy potential.Alas, it is an exotic way, probably even less applicable than those described above.Cause a short circuit the desired degree of fiery shunt or desired concentration of sparks it will be difficult enough.And to all, a person probably already deprived of any connection with the "civilization" Perhaps it is better to use the phone for its intended purpose - to call for reinforcements.