How to make yourself get out of the apartment ?

How to make yourself get out of the apartment ?
You will need:
  • Music
  • Timer
  • Households
# 1

Everyone wants to live in cleanliness and comfort, but not everyone can overcome his laziness.Get out of the apartment must be at least because of the dust, respirable man, a very negative impact on health, not to mention dust mites, germs, and in general aesthetic of uncollected home does not add positive emotions.On the eve of cleaning sessions need a good rest and sleep, the forces have left halfway.It would be nice to also inspect the apartment cleaning and present on the spot scattered belongings and dusty carpets perfect order.

# 2

order not to suffer the question how to make myself get out of the apartment, cleaning should be turned into an exciting experience.For example, you can turn on your favorite music or radio station.Music will set the rhythm and mood occupation cleaning.Also it is better to turn off the phone to talk will not distract from the household chores and do not stretch this process indefinitely.You may recall that

the cleaning - it is also an excellent fitness, about an hour leisurely cleaning consumes about 200 calories, which is equivalent to half an hour of intense aerobics.Cleaning bathtubs and sinks in just 10 minutes will burn 110 calories, 120 - washing floors on lap 130 - Hand wash.Free fitness for the benefit of the body and at home.

# 3

Many are waiting with sodraganiem weekend, because in front - final cleaning.But without it you can well do, if you follow the advice of experienced housewives - cleaning every day, but for 20 minutes.The apartment should be divided into separate areas, for example, kitchen, hallway, bathroom and so on. D. And clean up every day some one area.So, at first, will be maintained cleanliness in the house, and secondly, to force myself to get out in a small area is much easier than to do it all over the house.Another option - to plan for the day for a one or two things, for example, to wash refrigerator and wipe the dust.The main thing - do it regularly so as not to accumulate dirt and dust.By the way, this advice is excellent and teaches discipline to plan your business.

# 4

In order to get out of the house, sometimes need an incentive.For example, you can schedule an evening reception, and then willy-nilly will have to pick up a broom and a rag.Or you can think yourself a reward for their efforts, for example, go to a cafe with friends, beauty salon or just a slice of your favorite cake.To process went more easily, it is possible to draw on help his household, and assign responsibilities for cleaning on the principle that one turns out better.Coping with cases in a few hands is always easier, even psychologically, because one feels that it is not alone in dealing with difficulties, but in this case with the cleaning.

# 5

Cleaning the house has not yet managed to avoid anyone.If it is unavoidable, it is necessary to change their attitude to it.After cleaning - it is neat and tidy house, a slim waist and a comfortable atmosphere.The solid pros!