How to call Odessa ?Odessa Mama

How to call Odessa ?Odessa Mama
You will need:
  • Books about Odessa
  • desire to visit Odessa
  • Sense of humor
  • plane ticket
  • Good mood
# 1

history has given a lot of new names beautifulseaside town.Option "Odessa-Mama," the most frequently used in common parlance.After a television series about a bear - Jap name has become almost common use.Everyone knows how to call Odessa criminals Civil War - "Odessa-mother."In reality, in the concept of Odessa-Mama to invest more - it is not only a bandit mother, it is also a classic Jewish mother who feeds her gefilte fish the street and gossip goes on Privoz.It is a warm image often comes to mind when thinking about Odessa.

# 2

completely different guidebooks in Odessa, Odessa - the Pearl of the sea.This festive, Odessa Beach for vacationers and tourists from cruise ships.The name "Pearl of the Sea" has come to it from a song Leonid Utesov: ". Ah, Odessa, the pearl of the sea, Ah, Odessa, favorite cute edge" in Odessa this does not go on the train, and arrive by plane.Not from

all the cities there are direct flights, but in any tourist office can tell you how to fly to Odessa with transfer in Kiev or Moscow.In Odessa, you can climb the Potemkin stairs, spend an evening at the opera, to stay in the legendary London hotel and immerse yourself in the history of the city.

# 3

way, studying the latest, it is possible to know the origin of the name "Caledonia" and "little Paris".Catherine the Great, the founding of Odessa in the XVIII century on the territory conquered by the Turks, wanted to create a city no less spectacular than the ancient Palmyra, but on Russian soil.Hence the classic architecture and layout.Next the builder of the city, the French Duke de Richelieu, the city added Parisian charm.With his light hand of the city began to be called Little Paris, especially due to the number of immigrants from France.Studied the history of it is useful to know, as soon called Odessa.The place where Odessa was founded later, the Turks called Hadzhibey.In the time of ancient Greek colonization of the south of Ukraine is a place called Odessos.

# 4

Odessa humor - is the result of the evolution of the Odessa mentality and dialect.And they say - the fruit of many mixed marriages in the port city.Odessa language was formed on the basis of Russian, Ukrainian and Yiddish, decorated with shiny borrowings from French and Greek, the word transformed, keeping the roots, but received an unexpected sound and usage.The peculiarity of the language determines thought and identity.Interestingly, as a joke in Odessa on serious things.Thus, the word "academician" Odessans perceive little in his own way: "Do not make me laugh He did a real akademik, almost know all the letters.".

# 5

Sons and daughters of the city known worldwide.But not always the prophets - prophets and in his own country.Nobody knows exactly how to make money in Odessa in popularity, becoming known in the Pearl of the sea - you have to be his own, flesh, blood of the blood of this city.The best jokes are born on Privoz, and should not only be able to hear and write, but also to respond, insert a bitter word, "cut off".And if tomorrow will mot urban dialect - worldwide popularity is assured.Odessa - such.She is mother to your children