How to get fired by a bow-shaped spindle ?

How to get fired by a bow-shaped spindle ?
You will need:
  • spindle
  • bow
  • tinder
  • board
# 1

Hiking, hiking in the woods, on the water bodies, to collect mushrooms andberries, or just to relax - a very common human passion.These activities are prepared in advance, trying to take into account all the nuances and not to forget anything from the list of necessary things and objects.Alas, there are situations when a person (group of persons) gets into an extreme situation, for whatever reason, can not go to people's houses, and the question - how to get the fire comes to the fore, as a matter of saving lives.Well, if there is the usual means -.. A match, lighter, etc. Well, if they do not, they are forgotten, broken, lost?

# 2

To start the fire, it is necessary to bring the combustible material to the combustion temperature, t. E. To give them a certain amount of heat energy.According to the law of conservation of energy, somehow you need to get it.You can convert the sun - focused beam of sunlight through existing or self-made le

nses.But this method is acceptable only during the day in sunny weather and the open countryside.How to start a fire if the Sun - not an assistant.You can try to convert the kinetic energy through friction into heat, using the ancient method of bow-shaped spindle.This will require:..

# 3

· Truth - flammable material such as dry moss, down, avian feathers, burning cotton, etc. · Onions - is made of an elastic piece of a tree branch, a length of 40 -60 cm.with a bowstring of lace, leather strips, any available pitches.Bowstring should not pull strongly, providing wrap it around the spindle.· Board - of dry wood, resins and not containing juices.its thickness should be 2.3 cm, length - not less than 30, the width - 6.8 cm · Spindle -. wood "drill", 1.5 - 3 cm diameter, 30 cm length of material -.. slight dry woodIt can be the same breed as the board.The support unit - from a piece of stone, wood or bone

# 4

So, how to make a fire, preparing these adaptations?The point is the rapid rotation of the drill bit in the socket board with a bow, and the simultaneous pressure of the mass of his body from the top, through the support block.By jack on the edge of the board is a slot angle of approximately 50-60 degrees.Through it you access the air required for combustion.That it's going to coal dust, resulting from the friction of the tree, which has a high temperature, and is able to transfer the thermal pulse on the tinder, padded bottom, providing it with corruption and further fire.

# 5

Before you make fire in this way, of course, you must prepare a dry, flammable kindling from the dry grass, leaves, moss, paper, firewood and wood for future fire.Once the tinder started to smolder, an urgent need to move it to the kindling corruption, ensuring the access of oxygen to achieve an open fire.Everything is now only the preserve and maintain.

# 6

worth outset that this beautiful and easy to describe the method - a very complex and time-consuming.In addition, not always with a positive result: Not all types of wood are suitable, there is no suitable tool, do not have the patience or just physical strength, etc. Therefore, going somewhere else, it is necessary to insure, and stock up on fire production facilities with a stock..