How to make a telescopic baton ?

How to make a telescopic baton ?
You will need:
  • metal plates
  • lathe
# 1

important to understand that in the Russian Federation establishes criminal liability for the illegal manufacture and sale of knives.That is, it does not occur during storage and carrying, as well as the acquisition.This means that a tool such as telescopic truncheon, is simply seized by law enforcement agencies, and the occasional can write a fine of up to three hundred rubles.That's all.So important in fact conceived - not to fall in manufacturing.The correct action is to be covered in the manufacture vytachivaniem, for example, handles for doors or legs for chairs.A billet for pipe called scraps.Or call it spinning.

# 2

Telescopic baton with your hands can be made on a lathe used to manufacture metal plates.Best of all - steel.When this material is not necessarily carefully processed, and this greatly simplifies the job.Naturally, the final result can be polished, but this is not necessary.The only obstacle for the normal person - the availab

ility of the machine, which can produce a compact weapon.But it does not require any - or supernatural skills during assembly, because the process is very simple.Despite the jagged structure, it remains a very strong and effective in matters of self-defense.

# 3

Just one blow to the attacker's limb to make it inoperative for a couple of minutes.In no case should not hit her in the neck or head - a possible fatal outcome.Transport the telescopic baton is possible even in a case of a mobile phone thanks to the compact design.Bringing in a combat situation does not require a lot of action - a sharp wave, and battle ready weapons.Also important is the psychological impact of such a demonstration.Such a weapon for self-defense may be modified shocker, but you should take precautions, to the very shock, do not hit.

# 4

Length unfolded batons should not exceed half a meter mark, then this design will not be as effective.It is necessary to make four - five tubes of 10 cm from metal of different diameters.Naturally, you need to make sure that all these pipes can be moved in one.Thus they should go tightly within each other, have a seal at one end.The inside of the pipe must be sealed so as not fallen when disclosing the inner tube.It is also recommended to set the weighting on the smallest pipe in the form of the knob.Impacts of this particular part of the baton will cause most thoughts of escape from unpleasant personalities.too good for nothing Too short.