How to cross the ocean on a raft ?

How to cross the ocean on a raft ?
You will need:
  • raft
  • food
# 1

Everyone present looks like the ocean.In his calm, vast blue expanse of mesmerizing and soothing.Cross it is not difficult to modern vehicles, be it ships, or airplanes.But not once in practice, scientists proved that the ocean can be overcome, and at such a primitive device, like a raft.Based on these stories captured a considerable number of feature films.

# 2

interesting fact remains that, as the oceans were formed.After all, there was no solid water covers the earliest periods of the development of our planet.The most likely theory is put forward by scientists is the formation of the oceans of the couple, who settled as the Earth cooled.The process flowed hundreds of millions of years ago, the ocean and covered virtually all of the planet's surface.Naturally, the available surface even then did not have smooth surfaces and there were places with shallow seas.

# 3

So how to survive in the ocean with no fresh water is not possible, on the long-ter

m existence on its surface without special filters, can not be considered.The largest in the world ocean - the Pacific Ocean, has an average depth of nearly four kilometers, and in the deepest points - almost eleven kilometers.Interesting fact is that on the one hundred and eightieth meridian that passes exactly through the Pacific Ocean, is a change of date.

# 4

So how is the ocean around the equator between Eurasia and America, and enjoying the slowness of twenty thousand kilometers, it is difficult to believe that such a giant is possible to overcome the raft.Naturally, it is the largest of the oceans of our planet, but also the smaller oceans - the Atlantic, Indian and Arctic, surprised by its size.

# 5

to travel across the ocean on a raft scheduled a much more modest goal than achieving diametrically opposite continent, or the continent.Before you cross the ocean on a raft, you need to become an expert in the field of ocean currents.After all, it will have the greatest impact on the upcoming route.But it should also take into account the direction of the main air flow, as established under sail on a raft they will make corrections in the direction of movement.

# 6

For greater stability of the raft, it is necessary to establish a rule by which also affect the sailing course.For swimming in the ocean on a raft should be set for the purpose of the island, as she raft structure can not withstand prolonged exposure to salt water.Also of considerable importance is the determination of the presence of reefs in the arrivals area, since it is their presence and often depends on a successful mooring.