How to test your abilities : unusual techniques

How to test your abilities : unusual techniques
You will need:
  • Mental abilities
  • Magical abilities
  • Creativity
# 1

Every human nature endowed luggage abilities, and how effectively he learned to use them,It depends on many things in his life.If talent is not developed as a child, it does not mean that adult they disappear.What is given to an individual by nature, will remain with him forever.People live and do not even know what opportunities are endowed.The paper will be discussed on how to test your ability to successfully develop them further.Mental human development is most active during childhood, gradually decreasing in the course of growing up.

# 2

There are many IQ-tests to determine the development of the mental factor.The most popular of them is the test Eysenck, having which a person can get a generalized idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtheir intellectual abilities.To investigate the mental abilities are widely used Amthauera techniques, Guildford and More about 90 tests.Having tested, it is worth considering how to develop the mental skill

s to increase their level of IQ.Tips psychologists here boil down to one: more attention should be paid to self-education.

# 3

favorite series will replace the useful book, and computer games - an active lifestyle.Return clear mind will help yoga.Interesting fact: listening to classical music contributes to the development of human intelligence.The state of mind depends on the brain.Therefore, it needs training.There are many tips on how to develop the capacity of the brain.

# 4

Our brain is divided into two hemispheres, the right hemisphere is responsible for the development of creative abilities, and the left - for the propensity to the exact sciences.Effectively develop the right hemisphere of the brain will help mental painting pictures in a calm atmosphere to classical music or sounds of nature.We should not forget about the creative activities (drawing, modeling, singing).The left hemisphere is well coached crossword puzzles and solving logical problems, as well as strength training.

# 5

Now consider how to develop magical abilities.The tendency to super-powers inherent in people with well-developed intuition.If a person sees prophetic dreams and anticipates events that occur later - this is a direct evidence of his magical abilities.To these abilities manifested, it is important to continue to develop intuition, learn to control their emotions and focus.And, of course, study the special literature.

# 6

And a few words about how to develop creative abilities.With children, everything is clear: the sooner the better.And how to be an adult?First of all, do not forget that any ability to develop only in practice, so never too late to make his debut in the new field.Not all of the outstanding composers, artists and writers began to develop a favorite thing in my childhood.But this did not prevent them to reach certain heights in creativity.