How to make a fire extinguisher improvised ?

How to make a fire extinguisher improvised ?
You will need:
  • sand
  • land
  • water
# 1

element of fire - one of the most dangerous.Caused fatal circumstances, or provoked by human factor fire - a terrible disaster.Therefore, we must always be ready to repel the attack of fire, to be able to use all available methods, forces and means to extinguish the fire.If an object (house, apartment and villa t. N.) Is not equipped with typical fire alarm system, how to make a fire extinguisher in an emergency situation?In other words, how to use the means at hand to extinguish the fire as soon as possible?

# 2

The first thing that comes to mind - to fill with water.But it should be remembered that the water is strictly forbidden to be used to extinguish flammable liquids (it will trigger rapid growth of the fire) and operating electric (may cause electric shock).Good coping with fire bulk material (sand, earth), closing the access of oxygen to the flame, and leading to its extinction.It is very reasonable to purchase firefighting fabric (felt

mats), better asbestos, you can use a tarp tight.This painting in a few seconds is able to rule with the small patches of fire.

# 3

But best of all - do not spare money for their security, and to get a real fire extinguisher industrial production.The most universal in living conditions will probably powder.How to use a fire extinguisher powder?Instructions to use them, without fail, is listed on the device.Approach to the fire should be on the windward side, directing the outlet nozzle in the direction of the source of the fire extinguishing starting from the bottom.If the flame is in an alcove - on top of stew.After extinguishing ensure no smoldering areas that can cause new fires.

# 4

It should be remembered that the powder used in fire extinguishers, a very negative effect on the respiratory tract and the skin of a person, so you should provide protective equipment for face and hands.The applied powder fire extinguishers displace the principle of the body by excess gas (air) pressure.Thus, they should be checked for performance and periodically refilled.How to check the fire extinguisher?Showing the operating pressure in the enclosure to this his neck fastened gauge.If the pressure gauge is in the green sector - normal pressure.

# 5

If below - turn to specialized companies the fire equipment and machinery.In addition to reading the gauge, you must follow the specified check and recharge dates of fire extinguisher, and be sure to observe them.The specialists of companies engaged in maintenance of fire equipment, are obliged to tell and show customers how to use a fire extinguisher, where and how to store it and how to monitor his condition.Skills on the use of a fire extinguisher in an emergency situation must be mastered by all staff or family members.