How to win a man Virgo : Practical Advice

How to win a man Virgo : Practical Advice
You will need:
  • mind
  • Patience
  • Calm
# 1

Men of the zodiac sign choose their companions with a high level of intelligence.Therefore, at any convenient moment she must show all the facets of his mind.It should be inquisitive and to be an interesting conversationalist.Such men choose women, for whom the first place is the family that can sacrifice everything for the sake of the rest of the family and loved ones.In order to answer the question of how to achieve the Virgin man, you need to get acquainted with his mom.Mother for it is the ideal woman.And it is on it, he will be choosing a life partner.So the first thing you need to learn what the girl character traits it has.Particular attention is paid to the man Virgin, the girl will be able to support them in difficult times.

# 2

Very often men do not talk about the Virgin their feelings.They simply are not used to express their love in words.Deeds - that on this basis, you can determine how to treat a man for a woman Virgo.She should

listen carefully to the man when he told her something to tell, and in any case not to interrupt.This is a very angry man Dev.The representatives of this zodiac sign do not suffer when they are lying.Therefore, if the young man had caught at least once a Woman in a lie, then it will be very difficult to regain his confidence.Honesty - the quality that Virgin men value in women.At first acquaintance it is necessary to keep a low profile and modest.He will appreciate it.Already at the first meeting with any girl Virgo man on a subconscious level, is it as a future wife.Therefore, it is important to lead a good first impression.

# 3

In order to know how to conquer a man Virgo, you need to consider the fact that they pay a lot of attention to detail.Every word spoken by a woman in a man's address may hurt his delicate nature.Such people do not tolerate women -skandalistok or girls who constantly find fault with everything.Quiet and reserved girl - perfect for men of the Virgin.With him should not speak lofty themes or philosophize - all tires Representatives of the mark.Men appreciate it when they are praised for various achievements.So when the young man talks about his achievements should be a girl his praise.Otherwise, he may think that is not interesting, and it hurt him deep.Representatives of this sign is very touchy.They may take offense at nothing.

# 4

If you offend a man, that He held a grudge for a long time.And if you insult sounded from the lips of a loved one, it will be very difficult to earn his forgiveness.At first, the Virgin men can be shy, but do not blame them in this.most of the men of the zodiac sign Monogamous and very attached to his partner.Although they are an emotional person, but in the relationship appreciate calmness and constancy.Frequent quarrels and scandals - this is not about a man Virgo.The girl must be a good housewife and contain the house clean.Men really appreciate when a girl neat and tasty cooking.In order to answer the question of how to win a man Virgo, you need to communicate with his friends and be sure to please them, as representatives of this sign are listening to the opinion of friends.

# 5

Just the girl should take care of yourself.Well maintained and fresh look has not frightened any man.The first sexual experience a man Virgo can be shy and modest.Do not blame him for this, he just studies the body of the girl and tries to give her maximum pleasure.For the man of the Virgin family comes first.It is unlikely that it will disappear in the evenings with friends.These are the people who value home comfort and tranquility.She can be sure of loyalty partner.The house will always reign supreme harmony and tranquility.