How to make a stronger magnet ?

How to make a stronger magnet ?
You will need:
  • Copper wire
  • DC Source
  • permanent magnet
# 1

consider how to make a magnet.The easiest way - is to magnetize the iron.A small piece of steel or iron, such as a nail, a screw-driver to put on the magnet and left in this position for a few hours.Subject magnetized and, in turn, would be a magnet.However, his power will be less than that of the magnet - the donor.In order to get a strong magnet, it is necessary to have a large and strong magnet - donor.In industry, such magnets have a mass of more than 100 kg.

# 2

So you can make a permanent magnet.Its peculiarity is that it has two distinct poles, N-north and S - south.Even if we cut a magnet, you get two permanent magnet with two opposite poles.The poles can not be separated.Typically, the south pole painted in red color, the north - in blue.The poles of the magnet can be checked using an oscilloscope or another magnet.Two like poles repel each other, dissimilar - attracted

# 3

How to make a magnet, so it was har

der?For these purposes, to manufacture an electromagnet.On the small frame made of dielectric you need to wind the coil of wire, preferably copper.The number of turns of about 1000. According to the coil passes DC current from a battery, a battery or other DC source.This electromagnet - While the current flows.The more current - the greater the force of the magnet.After the current interruption magnet loses its properties.

# 4

inside the coil can be inserted metal core, such as a bolt.Even better, the core wrap tape or paper and a reel spool on it.Flowing current able to magnetize the iron, so after turning off the electromagnet current time does not lose its properties.In order to make the items stuck to the magnet fell off, you need to skip the current in the opposite direction.This method is used for loading and unloading of scrap metal cleaning metal shavings.

# 5

So, for instructions how to make a magnet with your own hands.No major difficulties in this.Homemade magnet may have a different shape, it can be colored, used for various household purposes.It all depends on the imagination and the availability of necessary materials on hand.Here is where you can show your resourcefulness and creativity!