How to measure radiation in the products ?

How to measure radiation in the products ?
You will need:
  • people
  • radiation
  • exposure
  • protection
  • dosimeter
# 1

Radiation from the Latin word "radiation" - a stream of elementary particles of electromagnetic radiation.Atoms consist of all the world's known substances.In the nuclei of atoms incorporated energy that the decay of elements emitted as radiation rays.Radiation is dangerous to all living things, but with a reasonable use of it brings tremendous assistance in human activity in the form of powerful energy source.

# 2

necessary to periodically measure the amount of radiation to the preservation of health.Many do not know how to measure radiation and speculated.For this purpose there is a radiation dosimeter.To obtain accurate results dosimeter should be measured at the facility for at least six minutes.If the device has shown excess of generally accepted norms of radiation (0.2 mSv / h) twice or more, it is necessary to contact the service of radiation control.Buy dosimeter possible in the sale of measuring instrum

ents stores.

# 3

Everyone should know how to protect themselves from the radiation.There are three methods of protection against radiation.The first - a temporary protection, in which the need to minimize the length of stay in the radiation zone.The second method - the distance protection.She achieved the greatest distance from the radiation source.Third - antiradiation clothing and screens made of a material delaying radiation rays.Also, the practice of anti-radiation drugs.

# 4

How radiation affects?Radioactive rays cause in humans the production of free electrons leading to the appearance of active oxygen and other harmful substances which destroy the structure of living tissue.With long-term exposure to even small doses of harmful radiation.The radiation can cause radiation sickness, during which greatly reduced the resistance of the immune system and is the destruction of living cells.

# 5

What to do when irradiated and a radiation output?At home, you need to eat wheat, nuts, radishes, red wine, plum, fermented baked milk, gooseberry juice, yogurt and other foods containing selenium.Selenium prevents the formation of malicious tumors caused by radiation exposure.Opinion of the beneficial effect of alcohol on irradiation is partly correct, but modern drugs, such as "Polyphepan" operate more efficiently.

# 6

How to check the radiation?To measure the background radiation in the body, there are special laboratory.Simple dosimeter will not give accurate results.It is necessary to go through several procedures for delivery of blood tests, which will go to research.There are laboratory where the patient simply to sit in the "seat" and, without being connected to the body of additional devices, receives information on the cesium accumulation in the body.But these centers are not everywhere.