Penicillin : how to get from what is obtained ?

Penicillin : how to get from what is obtained ?
You will need:
  • penicillin procaine
  • mold
# 1

discovery overturned all medical science, was made in 1929 by accident.Fleming was working on an article about the staphylococci.for weeks he could not wash dishes with bacteria in his laboratory.One day, looking at one of these cups, he noticed mold in it and - most surprisingly - the bacteria did not have it.Taking a sample of mold fungi, Fleming started to study them and soon found that they were "killers" of bacteria.

# 2

It was opened this unique natural antibiotic, penicillin, and how to get the scientists began to think only later: in fact even the first Fleming was unable to appreciate the significance of his truly revolutionary discoveries.It is only during the preparation of the Second World War, have been actively used to combat infectious diseases.In the words of Fleming, he had already managed to forget and spotted with difficulty for the Nobel Prize.

# 3

Today, this antibiotic can be bought almost every drugstore.He pr

oduced in powder form, so it is necessary to know how to breed penicillin.To prepare the solution using procaine or lidocaine.The proportion may be different and vary from 1: 5 to 1: 10, depending on the patient's age, diagnosis and severity of the disease.The solution recommended for use immediately after preparation: it is dangerous to leave.

# 4

If necessary, store the drug is necessary to strictly observe the terms and conditions: the place to be cold and dark, but in this case, the maximum shelf life - 48 hours.There are ways to make penicillin alone.However, this should not be carried away: because in the home is not possible to observe all precautions and absolute sterility in which no reproduction is not possible in a medium where the breed mold to produce penicillin, hazardous substances.When ingested, they can cause irreparable harm.

# 5

This powerful antibiotic is used only in severe cases, but as a prick penicillin must know any health worker.The drug is contraindicated glad (for example, it can not be used if the patient the diagnosis "bronchial asthma").It can cause allergies.So to prescribe treatment and even more so without a doctor's recommendation to use this antibiotic forbidden.Many interest whether it is possible to prepare a drug, if necessary.

# 6

Since penicillin can receive only from a special type of mold, the question boils down to this: is it possible to dilute a mold and isolated from her penicillin?The answer is yes.Note, however, that home, especially hiking conditions do not allow to comply with the strict requirements for the preparation of the terms of the drug, the more such a strong as penicillin.So prepare it yourself can be only in emergency situations and in compliance with all precautionary measures.