How to write to Andrey Malakhov ?

How to write to Andrey Malakhov ?
You will need:
  • computer
  • Internet
# 1

So to start is to preface the show.His master - Andrey Malakhov."The official website, write a letter, in order to solve the problem together" - these are his words, because he calls not to keep pressing problems in itself, and if you can not solve them, refer to the public: certainly help there How many fates could find.peace, thanks to this program. Therefore, it is not necessary to doubt whether or not to "Let them talk," the official website, write a letter, because there people are helped and not humiliated on the public, as do many other talk shows. But beforethe site Andrey Malakhov "Let them talk" to write a letter you need to think whether the problem is so great that you need to consult with specialists if so, in a search engine you must enter a phrase - "official Andrey Malakhov site" or "official site" Let Them talk "., and go to the first link of the site will be a tab where human problems and come Home -..! clearly and understandably exp

lain the essence of the problem, at least for this and given the mere letter All ready problem, or treatment is required to be considered.

# 2

Now I want to note that all the letters of townspeople TV presenter Andrei Malakhov reads himself, and then sends them into the hands of editors and employees of the crew.Also at the beginning of the program "Let them talk," and in between commercials pops up a text: forward stories by such and such a topic.If a person sees a topic in a TV advertisement, it means that the trial went and the show is looking for the same poor people who were afraid to do before write.When applications do stop, then an electronic notification of the people invited to the show.By the way, five minutes later letters to the post office on the invitation to the program will not come, because it is worth only imagine how many letters came in the so-called hot line "Let them talk," and aired a program limited to only an hour.So wait - part of the solution.

# 3

That's all that it is worth remembering that not only get to the footage of the popular program, and find a solution to your problem that prevents live.But the main rule - do not be afraid to write "Let them talk."Perhaps there will be criticism, but still in the end it will help and support, even if the problem has a very personal nature, for which the convicted relatives and friends.And if the problem is widespread, the "Let Them Talk" release and continued in order to find the truth.Importantly, do not be afraid to start!