Compatible Zodiac Signs : how to conquer a woman of Aquarius ?

Compatible Zodiac Signs : how to conquer a woman of Aquarius ?
You will need:
  • Presentable appearance
  • esthetic manners
  • Wits
  • Romantic surprises
# 1

have the zodiac sign of Aquarius his view of the exterior.Most often, they prefer that their partner was dressed neatly in business, classic or not a stand-out clothing.Men who love to dress fashionably and bright things will be more difficult to cope with the problem of how to win a woman, Aquarius.On a date to put on a better matte trousers or jeans without holes and accessories, costume or just not stand-out jacket.It is advisable to carry with them a handkerchief, it makes an impression on the chosen one.Correct posture, coupled with restraint manners make a lasting impression and recommend its owner as someone confident and can not be someone else's influence that attracts women Aquarius.Shoes should be of excellent quality, as well as watches that are better quite neglected, than to put on the cheap.

# 2

Aquarians crazy aesthetes.Meeting with such men, women compensate for this sign in the a

bsence of its own pragmatic desire to achieve their own beautiful life.It is necessary to conduct talks on various speculative topics about the theater, architecture, painting.Not bad, of course, understand the conversation, subject, No, no hint of the occupation, especially in the case of nutritional profession.Fashion trend in recent years - is "an expert", without specifying what and where.In general, it is necessary to coat lady ego, a smooth transition from narcissism to tsenitelskim thoughtful views on the subject of his interest.It is useful to intersperse from time to time in conversation phrases, such as "the first time I meet such a meticulous mind have such a charming companion."Of course, it's gone and corny, but it works.

# 3

This feature does not hurt to communicate with any lady, let alone with Aquarius in particular.Wits have to be, as a personal quality.Guess assume the right to decide how to spend the evening, where to go, what to watch.In the case of attempts to resist, surprised and stare at the lady of the heart, as a person, not justified hopes of an adequate interlocutor.Alternate brought to the brink of a foul caring attacks like erasing dust from shoes (there is useful, by the way, a handkerchief from the first point) with light snobbish remarks about her girlfriends or tastes.Aquarius should immediately knock out of the saddle and keep the crossfire sverhopeki and harsh criticism.With this approach, there is nothing easier than to conquer a woman, Aquarius.

# 4

It is important not to overreact while critics.There is no reason to smear Aquarius horizontally and run into the fire back.We'll have to balance on the verge of what is permitted, without setting himself against his companion.All questions must be solved quickly, preventing the woman to take the initiative.Compliments should prevail and be indistinguishable from reality.You can never be recognized in a lie.Even if the woman is really smart and insightful, and besides, strongly doubts the purity of intention and sincerity of flattery, it is necessary to the last beat his chest and assure that all this comes from the depths of the soul, exhausted previous failures and severe errors.

# 5

trip to the restaurant, the trip (at least for the city by train, but under the slogan "and now I will show a real picnic French Impressionists").Gifts absolutely any but the right (nice) decorated and served with a spicy sauce.A brilliant example of the classics - strainer, a gift Ostap Bender aestheticism Ellochka Schukina.Dresses from decent fashion houses, haute couture shoes and jewelry are not forbidden.Although romantic surprise can become a normal trip to the cinema.The main intrigue companion before a session of the fact that "the sixteenth minute of the second hour, the director did hint understandable only to the elite, to the meaninglessness of post-impressionism."