How to make a magnet ?

How to make a magnet ?
You will need:
  • strong permanent magnet
  • battery or a DC power source
  • saw blade or scissors, nail
  • Copper wire
# 1

Even in ancient times, in6th century BC, people have noticed that there are stones, which can attract and retain small metal objects: nails, spears and arrows.And the stones themselves are attracted to each other.In the literature, experiments with magnets have been described in the early 13th century.But our ancestors could not make a magnet.The origin of the word "magnet" is unknown.Some believe that it is associated with the name of a geographical area, where people are often faced with this phenomenon, the other associated with the name of the shepherd, who forged his boots stuck to the black stone, and his name was Magnus.

# 2

Ancient Vikings during their travels were able to find their way home, using a magnet, suspended on a string.It was the first compass.But there was very little compass.The magnet is not able to find anyone.Then the man and thought about how

to make a magnet?.No less important is the question of what material can be made magnet.Previously, for this purpose pieces of iron ore used.alloys are used today, a part of which may include cobalt, boron, neodymium.Such materials are called ferrites or ferromagnetic.

# 3

And now a quick tutorial on how to make a magnet (permanent) home.We need to take the subject of iron: nail, screwdriver, saw blade.Hold for a while about the subject of a strong magnet.All - magnet ready.If you break the saw blade, you get two magnets.On metal object reel a few turns of wire.The wire is desirable to take the insulated copper.According to the wire by passing a current from the battery or DC (but not peremennogo- is dangerous!) Current.The magnet will turn faster and stronger.You can make out the unnecessary device, which has a permanent magnet.It is best to use a speaker from the radio receiving station.

# 4

Below is a brief guide on how to make an electromagnet to obtain an electromagnet, it is necessary for the wire, which is called the winding pass DC.Metal objects, which wrap the wire (called a core) need to take a non-magnetic material such as aluminum.If the current is switched off the device will lose magnetic properties.By changing the direction of the current can be obtained with opposite magnet poles.

# 5

So quite easy to make a magnet at home.You can find a very interesting application for homemade magnet.For example, it is often necessary to tighten the small screw, screw, which is difficult to hold in their hands.With magnetic screwdriver this object is achieved easily.You can spend an entertaining experience.On a piece of paper you need to pour iron filings and bring the bottom magnet.We get a very interesting picture.So you can experiment and it will be very interesting.