Signet male ruby : magical properties

Signet male ruby : magical properties
You will need:
  • rings and their carriers
  • little observation to verify the data
# 1

example, ruby, known as ruby ​​and emerald, is traditionally considered a symbol of power and wisdom.In addition, he is credited with the ability to incite passion and maintain feelings of love.Signet male ruby ​​is considered an attribute of wealthy, successful people in authority.The ancient Romans were compared with ruby ​​burning coal, calling it the anthrax.In Sanskrit, the name sounds like "king of gems".This stone - a type of corundum.It has different shades from light-red to almost purple, but the most valuable items are painted in a bright color of blood.According to legends, it heals diseases, purifies the blood when a guy drives away the evil eye.

# 2

Ring with emerald also has the ability to protect them from evil spirits and bring good luck and happiness, but also helps to find themselves in life, choosing the right path.So it is also a symbol of a particular spirituality.Emeralds are the

representatives of the aristocratic class, the stone always brings a touch of elitism and represents a comprehensive well-being.His deep, rich color downright mesmerizing.What do the rings on the fingers?If the ring is worn on the little finger, most likely in front of you, or a creative person, or eccentric, capable of ekstravagntnye antics.The index finger is decorated stones are extremely power, tselestremlennye confident people.

# 3

This habit known to many legendary generals and monarchs.on the middle finger can wear the ring is very confident, no doubt knowing man.It should be noted that the ring is usually worn on the little finger of the left, or on the ring finger of his left hand.What does the ring in this case, we can only guess, because today is not all soblyudat rules for wearing rings and rings.However, a closer look to the wearer, for example, a ring with a ruby, you will notice increased energy, activity, courage of these people.The power and fervor - these are the main owners of quality ruby ​​rings, drives away any melancholy and longing.

# 4

Today there are different types of rings.Today it is a spectacular, status decoration, speaking of wealth, confidence and a special taste of its owner.But this stone is selected and depressed, depressed people prone to ispohondrii if they want to gain directly proportional to the quality and become strong, imperious and cheerful.It can give passion for reciprocal achievements.And most importantly - Ruby opens chakras, activates the brain and heart, and even improves sexual male potency!Apparently, this he earned the title of the king of precious stones.