How steamed peas for fishing ?

How steamed peas for fishing ?
You will need:
  • cooker
  • linen bag
  • Sol
  • Pan
# 1

All fishermen know that one of the best vegetable baits for many species of freshwater fish isordinary peas.But not everybody knows how zaparivat Peas for fishing.Observance of technology helps to get the best kind of food that the fish interested for many meters from the location of the "snacks".Do not use the peas, which lies in the cabinet in the kitchen.It is not suitable for fishing - more often it is pre-treated, pickled and cleaned, which does not correspond to the parameters of the bait to be achieved in the course of its preparation.But out there, the best material for the solution of the problem as steamed peas fishing, becomes his "brain" variety.Buy the good stuff you can in any store that sells pet products.

# 2

buying peas, you must pay attention to his condition.He should not have serious damage that left and orchard pests.To ensure a good buy, just buy the option that is designed to fit.It will be offered in sealed bags

.To answer the question of how to properly steamed peas for fishing, you need to follow the instructions without departing from it a single step.First, it should be soaked in cold water.In one cup of dry peas is taken four cups of water.They need to put 1 tablespoon of salt.Depending on the type of pea varies during its swelling.If it is smooth, that is enough to 9 hours, and if the variety wrinkled, you should wait for half a day.

# 3

next stage of solving the problem as steamed peas, is to put it on fire together with the liquid in which it is soaked.During the one and a half hours is necessary to cook it at idle.If peas are starting to spring back under the fingers, not sprawling when pressed, it can be said with confidence that you can remove it from the heat.In the event that the future head when light pressure is broken into two equal parts, the task - to steam the peas, not fully resolved.It is possible to try to verify the readiness by means of the hook, which should easily pass through it in either direction.Some fishermen for best results put the peas in boiling water in a sock tied.

# 4

As practice shows Peas for fishing can be effectively steam in any fabric pouch.Also, if you want to bait the fisherman quickly, he can use a pressure cooker.Pour water should be at a small level is the only way to make it a bit closed pea on the bottom of the device.From the moment when the valve begins to discharge steam, you can pinpoint the cooking time.If peas old to catch fish, it can leave the lid on for half an hour, and for him that was grown only in the current year, will be enough for 15 minutes of cooking.

# 5

pressure cooker can be opened only after it is completely cooled.After steaming peas poured on a clean cloth made from natural material and allowed to dry for a period of not less than 1 hour.This bait can be stored in the refrigerator, but the term "shelf life" is no more than a day.It should be remembered that the peas are caught carp, ide and bream.That he is not spoiled during transportation to the place of fishing is enough to use Thermos, which does not happen cooling or overheating.Depending on the size of the fish you can stick on the hook for one or two pea.