How to keep the rose petals ?

How to keep the rose petals ?
You will need:
  • Table salt
  • Semolina
  • wax candle
  • Carton
# 1

How to keep fresh rose petals and create a natural air freshener?It is not difficult, and it will take a little time.Need to glass containers - best to use an ordinary bank, which had previously been necessary to prepare, rinse well, then dry with a tight-fitting lid to prevent ingress of air into it.And freshly picked fragrant rose petals.At the bottom of a clean, dry jars placed petals thickly poured by salt, all stacked and tightly capped.Within three days you can evaluate the result, lift the lid, and the room filled with a gentle, pleasant aroma of roses.Natural air freshener is ready.

# 2

To save the pitch for a long time, you should search box, such as a shoe, on the bottom pour a layer of semolina about 6 centimeters, put back onto the pitch, and the top just waking groats, close the lid.After 14 days, require a brush, it is better to use a squirrel or a hard brush to apply blush to the fact that to get stuck with

cereal petals, after this treatment, they will be stored for a long time and bring joy.

# 3

If desired, decorate the room with rose petals, there is not a complicated process you need to take a wax candle colorless color, melt it in a ceramic pot, dip to turn out onto the pitch, and then leave them to dry.Now you can use the petals to decorate the interiors.If you want to dry rose petals, the flower must be placed in a dark, cool place, bud towards the bottom, until dry, then tear off from it petals.Dry as possible and rosebuds on a standard sheet of landscape, from the top with gauze covering, it is desirable to periodically stir them in the room should be at room temperature, without sudden changes.After several weeks buds must be disassembled into individual petals, while the forceps can use, for easier separation of them from each other, then the pitch can be used for the desired purpose.

# 4

it is necessary to think in advance to use the petals of roses in a wedding event.On the eve of a visit will have a flower shop and choose the desired color there rose petals carefully examine whether they Zamyatin, dark, shrunken edges.It is very important in the preparation of rose petals for weddings is a cardboard box, it, too, will need to prepare a little, cut it in small holes on each side, about a centimeter in size to fold gently torn rose petals.Now everything can be put in the fridge and get it at the right time, before the scheduled event.One must know that in this way the petals are kept fresh just merely two days.