How to learn to speak beautifully and wisely ?

How to learn to speak beautifully and wisely ?
You will need:
  • time, desire
  • Mirror, any piece of furniture
  • books of Russian classics, Dictionary
  • Tongue Twisters, water
# 1

Each person is fascinating beautiful speech,each of us like to communicate with a person competent and eloquent.Such personalities fascinate and attract people, because we are - this is the main component of human communication.But anyone can become just such a man, to whom will reach the people to enjoy the refined speech.For information on how to learn to speak correctly and beautifully, and will be discussed in this article.The ability to speak beautifully - it's not a unique gift, a simple skill that can be mastered by anyone.Competent people, for example, do not use the word-parasites, right to build sentences and so on.And it can every person, if accompanied by sufficient efforts.

# 2

There are exercises that can help you learn how to speak beautifully.One of them: it is necessary to be in front of the mirror and start talking about something else.So

you can see yourself from the outside.It is important to imagine that being a conversation with another person.Another exercise: need to pick up an object and begin to describe it, picking up a variety of words and synonyms.Initially, all hard to do this exercise, but then everything will get better and better.Exquisitely talking prevent word-parasites.No one likes to hear these mediocre "well", "here", "type", and so on.I'll have to unlearn their use.Take permanent control over your speech.But after a week of monitoring the speech, people no longer use the words-parasites.

# 3

daily is important to enrich their vocabulary.We must learn every day a couple of new words, and in a month it will be enriched considerably.Increase your vocabulary will help read.It takes a day to read fifteen or twenty pages.It is advisable to read the Russian classics, which are held in the school.Must read carefully pondering each word.Reading the classics, people learn to competent construction proposals.This skill will come in handy when you have to be competent to express a long thought.Everyone remembers the movie "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears".As mentioned in the movie "The Wiz two circumstances: if it puts the accent in the wrong words and asks stupid questions."We must accustom ourselves to the correct pronunciation of the words, to put the emphasis where it is needed.

# 4

Many people affects speech output speakers.Always clear and correct speech speaker can not leave anyone indifferent.In order to enjoy the clean speech, it is necessary to pronounce the tongue twisters, monitor the amount of speech noises (for example, the sound of swallowing saliva during a call).Get rid of the noise can be drinking water when the parched throat.Even during the speech important content, as a dialogue between people - is, above all, the exchange of information.

# 5

Council last: it is not necessary to practice body language, as it will see the others, but very few people like to communicate with feigned person.It repels people.But we must remember that if a person has no self-confidence, something to show the beauty of his speech, he will not succeed.So, after reading this article, readers will learn how to improve their quality of speech.I was given a list of what secrets to use to enrich it, without the help of professionals.