How to find out the address of the organization through the Internet ?

How to find out the address of the organization through the Internet ?
You will need:
  • Internet
  • Phone
# 1

Every organization should have its own address as the address of the organization to learn?Address any organization or company can be found by using the help of the Internet.Learn the legal address of the organization, please visit the Federal Tax Service http: // /, where you have to enter the registration number, and you can still specify a legal person, that's all.

# 2

To find a company, you can use the phone and how to find an organization for the phone number.To find an organization on the phone, you need to know more information about it, and you can use the electronic directories, for example such as "DoubleGIS", you need to download a directory on the Internet.After downloading this guide, you need to run it in the search string is entered the phone number for an organization, and then click the "Search" button.So after a few minutes, the program will give the correct address of the organization.

# 3

You can also find out

the number of the settlement organization, but how to do it.How do I know the current account number of the organization?Current account organization - it figures that the bank is used to record cash transactions, but such an account can not be stored for a long time on yourself money.If any organization acted in bad faith, you can see the current account of such an organization, but it needs to apply to the tax, which stores a lot of information on the current accounts of organizations.Also, when referring to the tax authority is necessary to prepare a statement and a copy of the executive document.All this will help to find out the current account of the organization.

# 4

FIU - is a special registration number.How do I know the RPF organization?This registration number can be found in the notice of the pension fund, as well as it should be specified in the payment of the insurance premium FIU or declarations premiums FIU.Also to learn FIU will help the Internet, of course, possible to apply to the pension fund, worth just call back and there definitely will provide the necessary assistance.

# 5

Many people may be interested in such a question, how do you know the phone number for an organization?In order to know the number of the necessary organization, it suffices to use the telephone directory or Internet services.Ask in the search bar the name of the company, perhaps, the organization has its official website, where kept contacts, which you can contact the company, and there will definitely be a phone number.That's all!