What do the rings on the fingers ?

What do the rings on the fingers ?
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  • rings
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  • ring with emerald
# 1

ring, as everyone knows, is the subjectof any metal in the form of circle, inside which an empty space is present.This vicious circle, and due to this property it with ease and is worn on the finger.There are several types of rings, these include the wedding, seals, rings and more about the latest and will be discussed.In ancient times the rings on the fingers of reported and testified person belonging to a particular class.What do the rings on the fingers of the person in modern times?Rings are special signal about the status of the person, as well as determine the marital status.

# 2

Today, the presence of a ring on his finger, and even more so the ring will not surprise anybody.At this time, as the rings, and rings most people wear for beauty than for any apparent purpose.Previously, it was a talisman, a kind of talisman, a family heirloom, and sometimes even magical attributes.In ancient

times the rings on the fingers of reported and testified person belonging to a particular class.Now it is no more than just a decoration, often expensive.Absorbed in this concept can be found, which means the ring.

# 3

Ring is a kind of ring with any stone finger, often to his left thumb.Massive and heavy ring with a stone is one of the most important and traditional men's jewelry.Such products have been known since ancient times.The design of each separate ring seals, and was unique.Like all precious jewelry, especially as bracelets, rings are divided into twisted, plate, drotovye, wicker.All these types of rings also divided into types according to the form of their compounds, and all.But the stand out as original and other types of rings - is printed, schitkovosredinnye, rings with inlays and others.

# 4

in jewelry craftsmanship are valued not only jewelry made of pure metals, are often more valuable jewelry with the addition of stones.These stones are rubies.Ruby has always been valued and held in high esteem from the masters.Ruby can heal illnesses, cures diseases of the spine, chronic tonsillitis, prevent seizures, has a positive effect on the nervous system, relieves depression and so on. Therefore, a ring with a ruby ​​male will protect the health of men.

# 5

Nowadays rings as a form of jewelry somewhat lost its status as an elite decoration, yet currently still massive and exclusive ring with a large gem shows the financial welfare of its owner.There is no better combination of precious metal and gemstone 1st class, the best combination is a combination of the emerald.Most prized emeralds deep green tones, so the best choice is considered to be a ring with an emerald.

# 6

According to experts, the rings have different values, but more importantly, they need to please their owner and to bring the fun of socks.