How to find the music in the words of the song ?

How to find the music in the words of the song ?
You will need:
  • line from the desired song
  • Perseverance
  • little free time
# 1

Often only the melody or phrase from pesni- that's all you can remember about the composition!But so I want to listen to the whole song, and it is not clear: how to find it?Find the song says is not so difficult!So, the first thing to do is to recall at least a few words of the desired song.After that, you can safely open any search Internet system and to drive data into a string of the query words.After clicking the "Search" button will give the result with a list of web sites, where he meets a similar phrase.If the search result is not satisfactory, then the query string, you can add words such as "lyrics" and "lyrics".Most likely, after such a query, the search engine will offer music sites is with lyrics.Often, even in the Web sites list, you can already see the song title and artist name or group.

# 2

After the song will be able to learn the words, as well as artist of the composition, it is time to l

ook for the song directly.The first variant is to turn to social networks.A huge variety of music content in them-that is necessary for a successful search result.Here you can find the text of a song, and the title and artist.Another option, is still the same search engines.At this time you need to drive the song title and artist in the search box and add "to listen."The answer will be web - sites where this song is laid out.Often on such sites can immediately download your favorite song or save a link to it on your page in the social networks.

# 3

If the first two options do not produce the desired response, then there are a few ways to find music.The Internet is often spread pirated music, without the permission of the author.To avoid violation of copyright law should go to the official website of the artist.Often it is there, laid out quality tracks and options, you can find music that is required.This is usually free, but sometimes you need to make a small amount of money.This song search option helps you find high-quality version of the track, not the pirated copy, which can seriously degrade the composition itself.

# 4

also very effective option is to visit the site of music lovers (of a set) and the forum to speak directly to him.It is necessary to pre-determine the direction to which the selected song, and has more specifically refer to music lovers.Almost all forums have threads where people are asked to assist them in the search for a song, and often is the right person who knows this song.Or, alternatively, you can create a topic samomu- and visitors of the forum is not exactly refuse help.A chance to learn, at last, the name of the desired song is very high on such sites.

# 5

It so happens that nothing is known about the song, even the words, but, for instance, is the soundtrack of the film of any.In this case you should feel free to go to a movie promo site (if it is a new film), there is often paved with information about the tracks and among them should look, already above-described methods, the right song.When the movie came out adequate time ago or can not find a promotional site, you can just look at the forums of fans of this painting.Certainly there exist activists who without exception know the tracks from this movie.They even tell us how to find music.It often happens that provide a link directly to download the desired track and not have to spend time searching for links for downloading.

# 6

Also, on the Internet there are lots of resources for music recognition.They have a program that will recognize the melody, sing not even by the contractor and any person to whom it is required.Suffice it to sing a passage that is remembered of the desired song and upload it to a website.The search engine will give options for songs with titles and performers.There you can listen to it in a pleasing format, or download to their carrier.

# 7

Another, an advanced version of how to find the song on slovam- this address on a dedicated site on the recognition of songs tekstam- All of Lyrics.Singing This is a huge database with hundreds of thousands of texts of works of a wide variety of artists and bands who sing in different languages.English.Russian and other Languages- all available to search for this huge database.Famous and not so songs are instantly on this content.For a successful search, you need to put a mark on the key "phrase" and enter the word.Website instantly returns all options lyric in which this phrase occurs.This site is constantly updated with the texts of contemporary hits that are actively at the hearing, as well as lesser-known songs or obsolete.