How to clean old copper coin how to clean old copper ?

How to clean old copper coin how to clean old copper ?
You will need:
  • Lemon
  • Vinegar
  • vinegar and flour
  • Ammonia
  • Soap
  • white oil
  • Olive oil
# 1

One of the most famousways regarding how to clean old copper coin is cleaning with a product such as a lemon.It is necessary to cut the lemon into two halves and into the flesh of one of them has lost its form push copper coin.After 15-20 minutes, you need to pull out a coin, clean her brush, and then rinse in cold water.

# 2

Purification of copper coins can be carried out with acetic acid.All you need to do is to immerse the coin.Copper coin can be in solution from a few minutes to a few hours - it depends on the degree of plaque.You can also boil water and then pour it into the acetic acid concentration not higher than 25%.To this mixture of water and vinegar must add several spoons sea salt (cookbook can be used), and then gently lowered into the solution of copper coin.After the solution was cooled acetic coin must pull and wipe it with a brush.

# 3

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w to clean an old coin using flour.To do this, rub the copper coin with a mixture of flour, sea salt and a few drops of vinegar.You can use ordinary table salt instead of sea salt.Then you need to leave for a while as a coin, and then wipe it with a brush and rinse under cold water.

# 4

Probably, each owner of a good first aid kit will be wondering how to remove a coin deposits with ammonia.It is necessary to warn that the cleaning of copper products using ammonia requires great care, because the ammonia can change the color to dark red coin.So drop the coin into the alcohol need just 5-10 seconds to ensure that, even if it requires cleaning.

# 5

copper coins can be cleaned with ordinary soap.For this purpose it is necessary to grate and cover with warm water.The mixture should be a good stir and then lowered to the copper coin with a touch for a long time.Sign that cleared coins will be the appearance of a greenish tint to the solution.After the coins are pulled out, they should be clean and brush wash in cold water.

# 6

Probably not everyone who knows how to clean old copper coin, it is known that this can be done with vaseline oil.It can be purchased at any pharmacy.Vaseline oil should be poured into an iron pan, then put back damaged coins and put on fire.Capacity sure to close the lid.Coins must boil in the oil for about 10 minutes.After the pot should be set aside and allow to cool vaseline.Once the oil has cooled down - need to pull out a coin and rub them with a brush.

# 7

This method of cleaning coins is considered the most harmless, but the longest.The bottom line is this: in the olive oil should be immersed a copper coin and leave it there for two months.After this time a coin and need to get to work on it with a soft brush.Then you need to put it back for a few months.Ideally, if the procedure takes six months - then the coin will have an unrivaled look and shine.