As recognized by the hand, how many will be children ?

As recognized by the hand, how many will be children ?
You will need:
  • hand
  • watchful eyes
# 1

usually female audience of young children often ask this question to people who can and are able to read the future at a glance: "How do you knowwill I have kids by the hand?".This is probably the most interesting audience of women who are not afraid to look a little into the future.People who read and specializes in reading the lines on the hands, called palmistry.To ask palmist about how to find out how many children will be on the lines on the hand, it is not necessary for him to apply for a request.Even it is not necessary to contact the gipsies and fortune-tellers.It should themselves try to read and interpret the line on the hand, including the future of children.You can believe it or not - a private matter of each person.

# 2

Divination fate in the palm of your hand, including know how many children will be on hand, called palmistry.This is a very ancient science which is thousands of years.Always women were interested in the future of hi

s family.Basically, on a female hand can determine the future or the present, the number of children.But the men's hand can only show the proximity to their children.That is, if a man divorced married and does not educate your child on his hands will not be visible lines of children or only faint outlines may occur.But if a man is tied to your child, but also it does not educate, but only just seen him often, these lines of children he displayed at a glance.

# 3

To understand and look at the palm of his hand the future number of children in the first place you need to wash your hands, as will look thin and may be inaccurate lines on the palm.It is necessary to arm a good magnifying glass to clearly see the lines on the palm.Otherwise, you can view the important points about his future.The most important rule for being on hand to find out how many children will be, is that you need to look at the hand that is writing, if it is right-handed, then you need to look at the right hand if left-handed, then look closely at the left hand.It is necessary to firmly hold the hand in fist, look under the little finger, the so-called Hill of Mercury as wrinkles formed.These folds and show the future or the present number of children.Also, the determining factor is that on the right hand, and the writing is usually visible line of future children, and in his left hand, if she is not writing, visible lines of these children.

# 4

But in our modern and progressive, women make or abortion or contraceptives are protected.Therefore, knowing when to approach a woman palmist and asked, "How do you know on the arm, how many will be children?"Cheiromantist this question can not accurately respond, respectively, to determine the number of future children.Of course, according to their knowledge and experience, the palmist will interpret and explain what he sees on his hands to ask him a woman, but if he should be fully trusted, this case a private matter.Consequently, the entire birth rate depends only only on the women themselves and their prudence.And trust completely the lines on the hand should not be.While young girls is guessing on the next hand it seems fun to predict the future.