How to check the ticket of the Golden Key ?

How to check the ticket of the Golden Key ?
You will need:
  • lottery ticket
  • computer with an Internet connection
  • TV
  • Leisure
# 1

What do you do if the lottery ticket on your hands there, and thatto do with it and, most importantly, how to check it out to win - it is unknown?Do not despair, this article describes all of the options on how to check the lottery ticket "Golden Key".Sam rally held on NTV every Saturday at 05.08 am.Also, the circulation of the lottery "Golden Key" published in the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda", on Tuesdays.There is a table of the winning ticket numbers.

# 2

easiest option, which will help to find out: a winning ticket or not, this is a look up table of the circulation of the lottery to which the purchased ticket.This is easy to do.It is necessary to go to Interlot- site is the name of the organizer of the lottery "Golden Key".Address Interlot, in the column "of circulation" and presented all the results have past rallies.And in order to download files from the results of circulati

on, you need to enter in the address bar of the browser link, and go through it.The number 701 is ssylke- circulation number.This link, respectively, is the information on the results of 701-th edition of the lottery "Golden Key".Instead of numbers you need to put the edition number, which is indicated on the ticket purchased.

# 3

You can also check the purchased lottery ticket "Golden Key", if carefully read the rules of the drawing.These rules are posted on the site and it is very important to remember that the order of deposition is entered in the direction from the bottom end of the table to the beginning.That is, the latest ticket precipitated, will be indicated at the beginning of the table.It is necessary to go more often on this page, because the rules are changed regularly.

# 4

also to check the circulation of results, you can follow the link and then, at the top of the page click on links, finding the right number of the print run.After finding the desired number of copies, you can watch the video on which the drawing is recorded.To do this will need to follow the link "video edition XXX" where XXX instead, will be the number of the desired circulation.To view this video you need to on a computer or smartphone was installed flash player.

# 5

If this player is not available, you can see the results of the test and simply expressed.For reference, the above need to scroll down a bit and find the number of the desired circulation.A number of balls are indicated at the bottom of the page, which does not fall out.We need to take your ticket in hand and carefully compare the numbers on the board of the ticket with these numbers.If no such number is not on the playing field, then the winning ticket for sure!It is guaranteed that at least a small amount, but the payoff is definitely present.It should continue to check your ticket and find out more: How much should not count.

# 6

Another way to check your lottery ticket "Golden Key" in automatic mode, looks like this: First you need to follow the link there to enter the ticket number into a special little window and select from the list number of the desired edition.Then simply click on the link "Check".The test result of winning ticket will be immediately in front of the eyes.No need to tediously search for numbers dropped balls, check them with a ticket and spend a lot of time in the shuffle.This is a very simple option to quickly find the winning result.

# 7

If all manipulations are done by the ticket and, fortunately, turned out to be a winner, you know the rules of winning and how it can be possible to get on the same site, by clicking there on the link "How to pick up the win."Everything is painted in great detail and get your winnings will not be any problems with the availability of tickets to the still not expired.If the winning ticket, then, after receiving the money, it is worth remembering that you need to pay tax on winnings.Because, non-payment of these taxes can be fraught with very serious consequences for the owner of the ticket.

# 8

If non-winning ticket turned out, it is not worth much upset and worry!It is best to buy several lottery Ticket is greatly multiplies the chances of winning.There are many cases where people, for a long time buying the tickets have not won anything or gain was not significant.But they continued to buy tickets and, as a result, became the owners of a very substantial sum, or a very big prizes.Chance to win everyone has!And it shows a huge amount of winning lottery tickets in circulation "golden key"!