How to store earrings : Women's Tricks

How to store earrings : Women
You will need:
  • Earrings
  • Plasticine
  • Fasteners
# 1

Today earrings are an essential attribute of each girl, this accessory accentuates the beauty of every lover of jewelry.This article is dedicated to this accessory, like earrings.We'll show you how to store and even how to properly fasten the earrings, according to what their buckles, and how to make earrings out of the ordinary clay.In earrings, there are different types of fasteners.Consider some of them.It can be a carnation, English zip, curved zip, French hooks, rings and other types of fasteners.

# 2

Carnations are very comfortable and suitable for almost every girl loves accessories, they are convenient in that they are easy to adjust and therefore to unbutton them is not difficult.But these earrings easily and lose.English clasp good that earring will hold well on the ears, but there is in it and its drawbacks.It is necessary to check that the lock was closed not too tight, otherwise the pleasure of wearing these earrings wi

ll not be enough.And they have to unbutton a hard time with the help of something sharp, and thus it is necessary not to damage the earring.

# 3

Arcuate fasteners are found in many types of earrings and they are convenient for many.So what is the best choice for every lover of accessory data.They are easy to buttoning need simply insert an earring in his ear and bend the clasp so that she flew to the ear, and remove these earrings will not be difficult.Earrings can be made of ordinary clay.Enough to include your imagination and earrings are easily made, and not one will be the same as the masterpiece you.

# 4

It can be: colored circles, butterflies, flowers, and various signs, hearts and stars.As already mentioned the main thing - it is a fantasy, your imagination and a little patience.Plasticine easily becomes hard in the cold, you can put it in the freezer, and then sculpt the desired figure, such as a star, then simply spread on the clasp.That's all, earrings and ready.Of course, unfortunately, we lose their earrings, as a rule, by the fact that your earrings possible bad fasteners, so choose earrings with better quality and more comfortable for you clasps.

# 5

Find earrings difficult, but nevertheless, if this thing you value, you should look for, but if you still have not found them, do not worry, learn how to store their belongings and then you exactly nothingYou lose.Earrings - accessory for the ears, which can be found in almost every girl.Clay - a material for sculpture, from which you can sculpt different shapes.Fasteners - these locks, to earrings kept on the ears.