What is the largest ocean in the world?

What is the largest ocean in the world?
You will need:
  • Globe
  • atlas
  • literature on the history of geographical discoveries
# 1

known that the area on the water expanses of land far exceeds the surface area of ​​Earth.Oceans - a comprehensive concept of the planet's water resources.Water surface is divided continents, ridges of the islands, an archipelago in the four oceans - the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian and Arctic.In truth, there is a tendency to combine the sea surrounding the polar continent of Antarctica in the Southern Ocean.In 2000, there was even an attempt to fix it legislatively, at the level of the International Hydrographic Organization.However, the decision is ratified was not, and the division by 4 of the ocean remains in force.

# 2

What is the largest ocean?Of course, it is quiet.The history of the name.The first European ships plying its open spaces were flotilla ships of Magellan, during his famous, the first in the history of the world tour.From Tierra del Fuego and to the Filipino island of nearly 4 mont

hs way, the expedition did not meet a single decent storm.Thus, a completely anecdotal coincidence, this ocean was named the Pacific.This on-the Pacific?This is - a constant generator of the strongest typhoons and cyclones, the area of ​​increased volcanic and seismic activity known for its earthquakes and giant tsunamis!

# 3

If we could well see what it looks like the bottom of the ocean, covered with the remains of the lost ships, probably, it would be clearer what a terrible toll this takes a great ocean of humanity for the right to use its open spaces.But this research has never stopped!Knowing how to study the ocean today, one is struck by the heroism of geographers-scientists of the past, not feared to cross him on flimsy sailing!And it is difficult to imagine what a huge amount of research done by the scientists - this application lands on the map, and soundings with the study of the bottom relief, the study of the biosphere, the flora and fauna, the composition of climatic charts and nautical sailing directions, study how water moves in the oceans, and more-Many more!

# 4

A Pacific sizes simply dazzling!From west to east - 19 000 km, from north to south - 16 000 km.Its area - a third of the earth's surface!More than half of the total area of ​​the World Ocean, and more than half of all the Earth's water!Its waters wash the 5 continents, more than 10 000 islands.But this is already a giant in need of protection!The problem of how to maintain ocean, mankind has created itself in a very short time, his reckless, irresponsible exploitation of its resources and disregard for environmental laws.Suffice it to recall that it was in the Pacific in the 2nd half XXveka, carried out mass testing of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons!