How to take care of smooth leather gloves ?

How to take care of smooth leather gloves ?
You will need:
  • detergent
  • ammonia
  • castor oil
  • leather, silk, fur
  • pattern gloves
# 1

For all need your care, glovesnot an exception.How to Care for the gloves.These tips are applicable in practice.Gloves skin cleaned with a mixture of detergent, water and ammonia.If very dirty, to start their wash in soapy water.When hardened, the swab is rubbed with castor oil.Leather products are not compatible with water, so if they become wet, for example, in the rain, they need to be dried in the air, but not on the battery and grease.Suede gloves rubbed ammonia and cotton wool soaked in clean water, wash it.Then, wipe and dry.If woolen gloves, silk, knit, it is all simply, they are erased.Gloves should all be stored wrapped in paper boxes.

# 2

Any glove can make the most the main thing correctly to make a pattern.How to make a pair of boxing gloves, that they were soft and comfortable.To start with a template drawn future gloves.This seven parts: hand, fist, Department of thumb, cuff, locke

d area.Feature - the cut for the palm is in the middle, so it will be covered.Fist is sewn from a single piece of leather.Plans laid out on tissue - the skin is cut and sewn.The glove stuffed mostly synthetic padding, wool, horsehair.

# 3

Fingerless gloves have recently become very popular.Before you make fingerless gloves, you need to become familiar with sewing gloves with fingers.They can be made out of leather, fur, silk.Pattern is done by his hand.She transferred to the selected fabric.(Patterns are arranged mirror.) Cross-linking.The edges are sewn podgibayutsya and that the gloves had a neat appearance.Fingerless gloves can be decorated with a zipper, lace, leather belts, embroidery, sequins and so on. D. It can turn an original, stylish accessory.

# 4

How to wash gloves that they have always had a well-groomed appearance.Just.Recruited warm soapy water, gloves soaked and a little rub dirty places.Rinse them need several times changing the water.After dry with a towel and put on another dry towel.Allow to dry himself.

# 5

If paint gloves, then you need to consider what they are made of any material.The skin is thin and matt and lacquered can.The glove is free to sit on the hand, and can encircle it.How to draw glove, need to know they are made from a fabric.First, to portray all the folds, hand bends.When the gloves selected color, add shadows, reflections, their boundaries are blurred.Figure prepared.