How to lay out the card solitaire ?

How to lay out the card solitaire ?
You will need:
  • Deck of playing cards
  • table
# 1

Some people are looking for information on how playing solitaire on the cards.And they are looking for it in order to be able to enjoy spending free time doing this exciting puzzle game.The great thing about Solitaire is also the fact that they do not require a second player.

# 2

foldout card solitaire game is not too difficult.But solitaire, too, are different.Some are very simple, the player they almost nothing depends.That is important in such solitaire card only alignment.If the card is "badly formed", and the Solitaire converges.These solitaires are less interesting because they do not train the logic and do not require any strategy game.In other solitaire all depends on the player.And if it shifts the card not working with the head, and the sense is not enough, Solitaire converges.

# 3

Solitaire rules also differ.Even the number of cards in the deck for the Solitaire may differ.For some solitaire fairly standard deck of 36 ca

rds, for others you will need a deck of 52 cards, and sometimes - even two decks.On the question of how to play patience on the cards, you can answer only with respect to any particular solitaire, solitaire games because all have their rules, completely unlike other rules of solitaire.

# 4

For example, we can take the Pyramid Solitaire.This is a simple solitaire game that uses a deck consisting of 52 cards.To begin to lay this solitaire, you need to put cards in the correct starting position, namely in the form of a pyramid, consisting of seven rows of cards.Maps are arranged facing upward and in this order: in the upper first row of the one card, in the following - the two cards, and so on.In the last, the seventh row - seven cards.Maps cover the subsequent series of cards in the previous row.Therefore, do not have access to them until they are removed blocking card.

# 5

All remaining cards are in the deck face-up.The aim of the game is to remove from the table all laid out cards.Removed the two cards provided that their value will be equal to the sum thirteen.For example, it may be eight and five.Jack equals eleven, and the lady - twelve.King can be removed and single, because its value is equal to thirteen.If there is no available moves, you can flip through the deck one card and take out the card, if appropriate.

# 6

There is another popular solitaire.This involved 52 solitaire card games and the aim is to lay down a stack of four cards of the same suit in ascending order, starting from Ace and ending with King.During the card game, you can move on each other in descending order and the opposite color suit.That is, the eight of diamonds can be put on any black nine (or peak of clubs), but not on the nine of diamonds, or hearts.

# 7

remaining cards in reserve in the absence of progress, you can also scroll through and use, if you come across the correct card.Solitaires help to take your time and teach players to think logically.Therefore unfolding solitaire - is not only pleasant, but also useful for all occupations.