How to make orange ?

How to make orange ?
You will need:
  • Red paint
  • Yellow paint
  • White paint
  • Paper
  • Brush
  • Ware for mixing or palette
# 1

Orange immediately evokes thoughtsof ripe fruit, bright summer colors, the blossoming meadow.Many psychologists, defining human temperament for color perception, note that the lovers orange - positive individual, aspiring to creative activities, stay active with extraordinary ability.The predominance of bright orange tones in the interior of the apartment to help tune in to a warm, emotional mood, come to harmony in itself.Bright orange colors in clothes dominated the summer and are ideal for celebrations, summer parties, outdoor recreation and beach.

# 2

interested in painting people, of course, has in its arsenal a lot of color tints, but a beginner may encounter a lack of some.How do I get an orange color, with only the basic color palette?The easiest option for bright saturated orange color - mix yellow and red colors in equal proportions.It needs to put the same number of two co

lors in a jar or special palette and mix using a fine brush.If you use red paint more than yellow, you get the color of the setting sun, dark orange with a reddish tinge.Conversely, if the will to prevail yellow paint, the color is bright yellow with a hint of orange, a golden-orange apricot.To give the paint a pale orange hue of fresh peaches, simply add into the mixture a little white paint.The result is a very gentle and beautiful shade of orange.To create a paint dirty orange color, you can add a drop of shades of gray, it is good to draw pictures of autumn colors, for example, leaf fall or sun to the darkening evening sky.

# 3

All recommendations are more suitable for drawing in gouache and watercolor.And how to make orange color when using pencil, oil paint or wax?In this case - ideal, of course, have orange available.Mix colors in these types of ink extremely difficult.If there is no alternative, have applied to the paper one color at first, and then another, and with a soft cloth gently rub the resulting pattern.The yellow-orange color in this case, it may turn out uneven, with bands of varying intensity.And, if to put on paper or canvas in color sequence yellow - red, the resulting color will be a shade of crimson, dark orange.If you do the opposite, first paint the leaves red, then yellow, the resulting tone is a bright orange color with a golden hue.

# 4

When using oil paint experienced artists used a very clever visual trick: two kinds of strokes of paint applied to the canvas at a very close distance from each other, often with the transition from one to another.This creates a very nice effect of mixed colors, especially when measured with a picture of a certain distance.There are also some general tips useful when mixing paint.In many ways, brightness, smoothness and purity of the color depends on the application of the paper being used.On rough poor quality paper, or not perfectly white with a yellowish or grayish shade of orange color will look different, and probably not very attractive.Brush for mixing must be new or perfectly clean.Otherwise, the generated tone may been contaminated with a different tone colors, that will spoil the result of the work.To mix the best to choose high-quality synthetic brush, it was not necessary then to choose the hairs fell out of the paint obtained.

# 5

Mixing paints at first glance seems a simple exercise, but in fact is much more complicated!To learn how to create the desired interesting that exactly match the shades of the plan, will have to gain experience.But what a space for imagination give even the simplest combination of two colors!