Astrologer advises how to win a man of Aquarius ?

Astrologer advises how to win a man of Aquarius ?
You will need:
  • Ethnicity
  • Intelligence
  • Interest
  • Goodwill
  • Freedom Aquarius
  • Friendship
# 1

Aquarius How to win?A man born under this air sign is sometimes very difficult to win, but it is real.The first thing that may attract the attention of Aquarius - is the appearance of the girls.It is not exactly like a gray mouse with bumps on his head of hair and bags under the eyes.Aquarius does not care about the price of clothes.It can be from the last century, inconspicuous and funny.This, on the contrary, cause a man interest.He will want to know why she was dressed so, and this is a small, but victory.But Aquarius will attract more elegant woman, so it is better not to experiment.

# 2

addition to the appearance of man-Aquarius care intelligence darling.He loves to talk even more than sex, so it's time to get acquainted with an intelligent woman.You need to be a good conversationalist, able to maintain a conversation on any topic, and Aquarius will appreciate it.You can try to conqu

er the Aquarius original thinking, for example, invite on a date chosen is not a restaurant or café, and hockey or horse riding.Suitable any unusual place.

# 3

win the man-of Aquarius capable friendly girl.Since he Aquarius itself is very friendly and sociable, to get acquainted with it will not be difficult.Especially if he is in the company of friends.To interest a man of this sign, you need to ask him about the interests and hobbies.It would be great if they like a woman, and she will be able to separate them.Aquarius needs to see and feel that interest beloved that she genuinely interested in his life.With these girls Aquarians will be happy to spend time.But do not forget about the mystery ...

# 4

How to win the man-of Aquarius?It is enough for him to be a mystery.Aquarians love interest girls with a rich inner world.A woman who is trying to win Aquarius should enrich their inner world, but did not disclose all the secrets, remaining a mystery which man wants to solve.So you need to be interested in a man.Once he turned his attention to the girl, she will have a chance to show their inner world.It should also be able to break off at the right time.And the main thing at the end of the first date to disappear.He'll want to catch up, if a girl will leave on time.But do not allow the man to accompany himself.Better to let him remain pleasant memories.

# 5

girl who wants to get in touch with Aquarius to learn to play on his curiosity.Various clues and mysteries inflamed his interest, as mentioned above, you can sometimes get away with appointments, leaving some tips that will be held the next meeting.Aquarius will be very surprised and intrigued.You can disappear for a day and then very casually appear somewhere in sight.Male Aquarius will certainly want to know where the woman disappeared.It should hint interesting than she did.When she closed again from Aquarius, he wants to find her, and what had to be achieved.

# 6

should be remembered that man Aquarius seeks not only a companion for life, but also a true friend.In order to win the attention of the Aquarius, a woman needs to get his friendship, to make sure that he began to trust her, to share their secrets, fears, failures and victories.After that, you can count on something more.

# 7

Aquarius freedom-loving by nature, so you need at least occasionally to give him freedom, if a woman wants to associate with him his life.Though Aquarius and a water sign, but sometimes it needs some "air".He does not like obsessive women, should give him the opportunity to be alone.Marriage with Aquarius - a kind of test.However, a man born under this sign are very patient and able to tolerate any antics wife.He never wants to hang first.He loved peace and quiet, so it will try to smooth things over during an argument.