How to look like mushrooms : species

How to look like mushrooms : species
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# 1

This milk mushroom is difficult to confuse with other mushrooms, it looks quite noticeable.He is about 20 cm large cap with pulp dense consistency.The edges of his hats have something like a fringe.And as far as the edge of the mushroom and izrastaniya aging hats bent inward, forming a funnel on the outside of the fungus.The older agaric present, the more yellow it gets.Thus for all these features is easy to determine the approximate age of the fungus.This milk mushroom is suitable for the collection and use in the food as long as his hat did not appear rusty spots.Their presence also indicates that Gruzdev because of its great age there are too many bitter substances.These mushrooms, even after more than 48 hours of soaking remain bitterish, unpleasant taste, so do not collect them for food as possible.

# 2

Gruzdev In this plate the lower part of the cap.The plates are wide and have a wide range of shades, f

rom white to cream flowers.Leg at this Gruzdev thick and short, in diameter can be up to 5 cm. The color of the legs Gruzdev white with slight yellowish spots.And what are the mushrooms else besides this?In the mixed deciduous forests, clearings and edges, you can find white or parchment agaric.It grows more bridges, which can include up to twenty separate elements.Often white agaric growing in young birch with a sufficient amount of sunlight reaching the ground.Another type of milk mushrooms growing in birch and another in the pine forests - a milk mushroom yellow.It grows from the beginning of July until the very end of September.

# 3

Yellow agaric growing to almost winter, and therefore resistant to slight frost on the ground.It can be distinguished from other types of milk mushrooms on the short leg and wide hat yellow.Milky juice on white slice.Lactarius This is not suitable for cooking and frying, and the food can be used only in the form of saline.Another frequently occurring kind of milk mushrooms agaric is called oak.His hat is different from the yellow Gruzdev bright yellow color, dense texture and high protein content in the fibrous parts.Search Oak agaric, as you might guess from its name, it should be in oak and oak plantations.Oak agaric dwells in all oak forests in July and the best October.The people he was given another alternative name that can bring down the ignorant mushroom picker with wing - oak saffron.

# 4

Most probably, the luxurious and beautiful of milk mushrooms - a black agaric, Chernyshev, Nigella agaric or Roma, as it is aptly and poetically called them among the people.His hat and even the surface of the leg have a yellowish-brown, dark brown or dark olive green, sometimes almost black.The center cap is darker than its edges.Young black mushrooms slimy to the touch.Just like the other varieties, as they grow older becomes funnel-shaped hat.Black mushrooms suitable food not only in salt form, but also for frying and cooking.Previously they should still be soaked and drained first by boiling water.In general, like all mushrooms, except this is considered conditionally edible because of the duration of treatment.In a saline black agaric becomes interesting purple-burgundy color.

# 5

Pepper agaric different from their counterparts skin cream with a reddish tint.Its matt surface, often covered with reddish spots and cracks, especially in the central part, the touch pepper agaric slightly velvety.Pulp pepper Gruzdev very sharp taste, brittle, thick and white.In many sections of the stands of thick sticky latex with peppery taste that air is quickly becoming olive-green color.Plates pepper Gruzdev frequent and narrow, they descend down the leg, there are also many short or bifurcated.If the damage is covered by a plate yellowish-brown spots.This kind Gruzdev prefers to grow on clay soils.Pepper agaric often considered inedible because of the sharp taste.

# 6

How are mushrooms vodyanistozonovye?On the surface, their white cap with a yellowish tinge present concentric bright, subtle water zone.The flesh is dense, white, elastic, does not change color on a break with a pleasant mushroom smell.Milky juice, catching a break on a very pungent and yellowing in the air.It looks like a white volnushki, but much larger than her.The main distinguishing feature - sticky and yellowed fringes at the bottom of the cap.Lactarius has no poisonous doubles, but in general all mushrooms are conditionally edible mushrooms, and in Western Europe they are generally considered toadstools.