How to write a rap ;how to write text to the beat ?

How to write a rap ;how to write text to the beat ?
You will need:
  • handle
  • Paper
# 1

No need to be some kind of criminal for that would znat- how to write a rap, you just need to be a man,which are emitted from the mouth words like seeds, the first words - the most necessary and correct, in fact they are more harakteriruyut what the author wants to convey.For rap is characterized by an unusual explosive music with strong beats.Rap does not sing - it is read.

# 2

very important role in every song played by the rhyme, but also to rap in some cases even useful to depart from this rule, but a little bit, it does not look set of words...Any phrase can touch a person, even if it does not rhyme, the main thing that it had a deeper meaning.

# 3

Most rap man, but it is worth noting that the "female rap" is also very popular, and even erotic, the main thing that the girl who the rap read, was a charismatic, to her voice charmed emotionallyand her words touch the listener.

# 4

Also, for each actor improvisation is very important, and r

ap - even more so.This natural-born rapper on stage at once can compose and issue such that takes your breath away, it is called freestyle, as an invited improvisational rap.Our whole life is an improvisation, and rap - a kind of world in which there is falsity and hypocrisy, this cry from the heart.

# 5

text must be with meaning and, preferably, with the rhyme.This unique rapper write verses to the song, which is required to blow up the inner world of every listener, making him wince from the preview and will not leave anyone indifferent.After each song - it's also a kind of peace with their feelings that the author wants to show.And by the way, in a good rap, you can convert any song in any other style, a very important role music plays.

# 6

not need any special skills in order to be able to write rap, need simple elementary logic, intuition, and most importantly - flair.Without it, no masterpiece and certainly will not hit again - it is a gift, it is impossible to learn from these are born, these words themselves to "ask" to be recorded, the words that have the genius of the mind, the head.There are times when difficult to associate two words, but there are also moments like that in five minutes you can compose a real hit.Such moments can not be predicted, they appear out of nowhere.Just always need you should have a pen and paper.

# 7

In this case, the main thing is not to play and be themselves.Who is to compose rap is not difficult, but someone does seem flour and so on.Simply each person needs to do what he knows how: rapper - read and write quality rap, actor-star in a movie!