Why burn her cheeks ?

Why burn her cheeks ?
You will need:
  • Machine
  • pressure measurement close person next
  • good doctor
  • Interpreter superstitions
# 1

If redness of the cheeks is permanent, it is likelywe are talking about hypertension - blood pressure increase.In this case, the face becomes very red, almost bardovym.In the case without a doctor can not do, because the increase in blood pressure is fraught with heart attack or stroke.

# 2

Very often red cheeks are observed in people emotional, shy.A strong surge of emotion leads to vasodilatation, a person with fever and intracranial pressure.As a result - a red face.It should be noted that people calm and never observed this problem.

# 3

cheeks are burning and hormonal failure, with both men and women.Only men are virtually invisible and almost always go away.But in addition to redness of the cheeks of women may experience hot flashes and more, it is typical for menopause.More person can burn in expectant mothers, which is caused by hormonal changes in the body associa

ted with pregnancy.

# 4

Crimson cheeks frequent cause is an allergic reaction to any kind of product, called diathesis.This problem is especially acute among young children.In this case, it is very important as soon as possible to draw attention to it and correct diet, because diathesis may develop into atypical dermatitis.

# 5

The consumption of alcohol, even in not a significant amount, can also give the impression that the burning cheeks.This is due to the fact that when a human body gets alcohol, it dilates blood vessels.At the same time the blood rushes to your head (often redden face and neck).The same thing happens with prolonged exposure to the sun.Therefore, people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, it is recommended not to stay long in direct sunlight.

# 6

often question why burning cheeks, asking people taking any medication pills.Here, one of the causes of this disease may be receiving antibiotics or other drugs.There is a common allergic reaction to medication.In this case, you need to take time off from the treatment and consult a doctor.The doctor is likely to revise the treatment and prescribe other drugs.

# 7

So we should not forget about the various signs and sayings associated with red cheeks.There are, for example, such a national sign of redness of the cheeks, if a person's face turns red, then someone has vigorously discussed at the moment.And if the lights left cheek - remember the bad word.And if face turned red, for example, in the environment, it is a pleasant rendezvous.Believe it or not, everyone decides for himself, guided by experience.But before you follow people signs and try them for yourself, you should probably tonometer to measure pressure.For all the explanations about their health must first consult your doctor.Just in case.Your doctor will put the correct diagnosis and to answer exactly why burning face.