How to learn to correctly pronounce the letter L ?

How to learn to correctly pronounce the letter L ?
You will need:
  • Desire
  • Classes with a speech therapist
  • Independent training
# 1

With modern articulation exercises quickly and easily cope with any speech defects.This gymnastics helps improve and fully develop the muscle tone of the tongue and lips, as well as improves the voice of human hearing.Articulating gymnastics helps adults and children to talk easily, correctly and clearly.Sessions of such exercises can be conducted in the form of games or funny stories that will help very young children to learn the correct sounds.To begin to introduce the child to be in the form of a game with the principal organs of creating sounds.You can do this with the help of a fairy tale in the form of articulation exercises that can interest the child.Thus imperceptibly workout will be held.How to pronounce the letter L, and what kind of exercises for this approach?

# 2

need to train every day, pronouncing the letter L in the mirror.And then the question is how to learn to pronounce the letter l

will occur less and less until it disappears completely.Every day, you need to warm lips, cheeks and tongue.It is also very important for the proper staging of speech work on speech breathing.Speech itself usually occurs during the exhalation air.So wrong, irrational exhale air distribution leads to strong distortion sound pronunciation.There are many famous and games available to assist in the development of breath.This blowing soap bubbles - this fun game you can practice at home and on the street.By the same applies to games and blowing out the real or imaginary candle.The most fruitful of these activities - inflating balls.

# 3

These games can also include blowing on the water ships.All these games create a relaxed environment for the child's learning to control them let out a stream of air.It is necessary to ensure that the child is gaining air into the lungs, breathing deeply, not just puffed out his cheeks.The whole complex of exercises on the correct pronunciation of the appearance of the letter L in the form useful to an exciting game in front of a mirror.First, all doing a very slow motion, if something the child once it is impossible - you can help him, adjusting lip or spoon.Just how to learn to speak the letter L, it helps to sit directly in front of the child and show him all the exercises in a playful way.It is necessary that the child was well aware of all the movements of the tongue and lips.

# 4

always all the exercises to prepare for how to correctly pronounce the letter l, should be carried out with the child.The aim of all absolutely corrective exercises for the development of sound l is the development of mobility in all language and its individual parts, as well as correct control of air flow.For example, it is the well-known exercise as a "horse" - should represent the clatter of horses' hooves, and ask the child to repeat the sound.Then this same exercise to do well at the same time smiling and showing teeth.We need to make sure that when it worked only the language, and the lower jaw remained motionless.We need to do this exercise with your child, first slowly, then faster and faster all the changing pace of at least half an hour every day.The total duration of the studies will identify the doctor.

# 5

"Horse rides quietly" - this is a mandatory option as the previous exercise to utter the letter l.You can also offer your child to do the same movements of the tongue, but without sound - as if the horse or put on the intelligence soft slippers.At the same time we should not forget about the rules - do not move the lower jaw and tongue can not protrude outward.Exercise "blowing wind" is the front teeth biting the tip of the tongue, thus it is necessary to blow.The point is the creation of two air streams from the corners of the mouth, how to draw wind on old pictures.Check the direction of the air flow can be, for example, a piece of fleece.Exercise "delicious jam" a little harder.Together with the child prodelyvat it will be more interesting and funnier, and simultaneously develop fine motor skills of the child.

# 6

Exercise "delicious jam" should be slightly open mouth and extended tongue to lick the end of the upper lip.The essence is that the movement should only go downward, but not from side to side.The lower jaw is also impossible to move.If it does not turn out quite the child in any way, you can prepare as follows.Extend the tip of the tongue, and put it on his lower lip, not tucking in the teeth.When the child is able to keep the tongue in that position long enough, you can try to pick it up again and do the exercise.Just a good exercise "steamer hoots".It is necessary that the child opened his mouth for a long time and stretched the sound "s", like the hum of the ship.Thus it is necessary to observe the tip of his tongue - it must be lowered into the depths of the mouth, and the "rest" of the language to the most arched palate.This stimulates it.